You already know pictures are forever — we don’t need to tell you that! Your pregnancy, though? That only lasts about nine months, so capturing it perfectly is a top priority! This notion probably isn’t new to you either, but get this: there’s nothing more personal than your maternity photoshoot. It’s your opportunity to record your most beautiful moment and tell your story the way you want it told. Does this sound like a ton of pressure? Perhaps, but it doesn’t have to be! Even the most camera-shy mamas walk away with stunning portraits every day. When you choose a maternity photoshoot dress that flatters your form and reflects who you are, the rest falls into place.



Okay, now it sounds too easy. We all know gorgeous pictures don’t just happen. It takes plenty of planning and creative consideration to make your images come alive! Shopping around for photographers, props, and maternity photoshoot outfits does pay off. And when you’re browsing maternity dresses for photoshoots, there are SO many things to consider. The style and color of your gown must play well with your setting (and your figure). The maternity photoshoot dress also has to be more than beautiful; it should add personality to your portraits! But how do you know which pregnancy photoshoot dresses can create the aesthetic you want? Which ones look good on you AND on camera? And who knows where to buy maternity photoshoot dresses that look as lovely as advertised? 



The answer to your fashion fiasco are these gorgeous maternity photoshoot dresses!



That link takes you to our curated collection of camera-worthy maternity dresses — all guaranteed to stun in photos! For now, our maternity fashion editors want to share a run-down of the best gowns to give you some maternity photoshoot ideas. They selected these pregnancy photoshoot dresses for their camera shine, texture, color, and of course, flattering fit! As you go through this list, you’ll get a taste of all the different styles and how they can work on your body. 



What if you want to look as fab as you do at your shoot every single day? Easy! Try on these maternity dresses for size and own your mama beauty.




a burgundy pregnancy shoot dress called gianna

1. Gianna Maxi Maternity Photoshoot Dress With V-Neck

Your lil one is a gift, so wrap them up with a bow! And say hello to a defined silhouette and flowing skirt while you’re at it.

We adore this maternity photoshoot dress for so many reasons. For one, the tie cinches your waist to define your shape on camera. This cute accessory also creates the perfect focal point — it puts all eyes on your baby bump!

Plus, this is a magical maternity maxi dress. Magical? You read us right. Maxi gowns are the ideal maternity dresses for photoshoots because they soften your shape. A long, flowy skirt also gives you more material to play with and adds movement to your photos. 


If you adore the timeless, feminine look of a maternity maxi dress, you can try the same fit for your party with these long baby shower dresses!


Recommended for: Mothers who are carrying high, since the empire waist makes a clear separation between the bust and tummy. Gianna looks amazing on both tall and petite mamas, though shorter women may want to ensure that the waist sits right. Thanks to her relaxed skirt, Gianna can complement all figures — curvy, narrow, apple, pear, 1st trimester, 3rd trimester, it all works! 


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a purple maternity photoshoot dress called catalina



2. Catalina Maternity Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

We have a gorgeous maternity wrap dress for all the mothers who want that timeless look. Vibrant color, cinched waist, elegant skirt — Catalina checks all the boxes for a stunning maternity photoshoot dress. All she needs is a mama ready for the camera (and maybe a flower crown)!

Recommended for: These are fabulous maternity gowns for photoshoots in the great outdoors, where the wind can play with the skirt. Like her sister Gianna, Catalina flatters mother with a high bump the best, though no bump is off-limits for this elegant maternity dress.  


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a strapless blue maternity dress called delaney

3. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

Are you planning a summer maternity photoshoot? At sunset? On the beach? Here is the best maternity dress for photoshoot success in ANY nature setting!

Why is Delaney the queen of the outdoors? Two reasons: her breezy skirt and her off-shoulder design. These features make her the perfect maternity photoshoot dress! Her relaxed skirt is made for blowing in the wind — it adds a texture/motion accent to every shot! Meanwhile, her strapless design lets the sun light up your skin for a gorgeous natural glow.


Recommended for: This is the PERFECT maternity photoshoot outfit for beach portraits! Let the tide soak the hem, let the breeze brush the skirt — it’s guaranteed motherly beauty. Delaney can work with practically all your maternity photoshoot ideas. Thanks to her mid waistline, she fits mothers carrying low or high. 


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a woman wearing a white floral midi dress

4. Poppy Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves

Movement? Check. Creative style? Check! Feminine grace? Check, check, check! A high low maternity dress like Poppy has MUCH to offer to your pregnancy shoot.


This maternity photoshoot dress features a plunging V-neck that sculpts your bust to perfection. The secret to Poppy’s toning powers lies in the surplice wrap design, which also makes her nursing friendly! For extra shape, she cinches your figure right underneath the bust. Of course, the best maternity gowns for photoshoots also have elegant skirts to soften your silhouette and provide fluid movement.

Recommended for: These pregnancy photoshoot dresses are suitable for mothers under 5’3” who get swallowed by long gowns! The empire waistline also makes these dresses fantastic for moms carrying high. Poppy’s adorable floral print makes her good for spring or summer maternity photoshoots, though we recommend you be mindful of your background. Since the print adds some color, it’s best to ensure you don’t have other distracting elements in your shot. 


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5. Annabelle Maternity Photoshoot Dress With Empire Waist

Color blocks all the way! This print is made for the camera. The two-tone design divides your silhouette, making a clear line where your baby bump is!


The colors aren't the only contrasting feature, either. Annabelle’s sleeveless, tank-style bodice is fitted to your form while her skirt stays relaxed and breezy. This combination also brings out your budding tummy while sculpting your torso.

Recommended for: Annabelle is the go-to maternity photoshoot dress for family portraits! Bring in your kids, partner, and the pets — and then dress them up to match you. Her sleeveless design and flowy skirt make her fantastic in outdoor settings. Her loose fit and mid waistline make her ready to fit moms in any trimester, whether they’re carrying high or low!


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6. Sasha Strapless Maxi Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist

If you aren’t picking Sasha for your summer maternity photoshoot, please sashay away! Her flow can’t be denied. Or her trendy off-the-shoulder design. OR her pockets! They might not be essential for a photoshoot, but they’re convenient nonetheless.

This maternity photoshoot dress stuns on camera with movement, texture, and a perfectly fitted form. And we love the mixed elements, too! Sasha is fitted to hug your curves above the waist, but her skirt is smooth and flowing. This creates an intriguing contrast that the camera loves.

Recommended for: Sasha is the best maternity dress for photoshoots in the summer sun, though she can rock any setting! We recommend her for mamas with a small to medium-sized bust (strapless maternity dresses can give women with full busts some trouble). Her empire waistline flatters mothers who are carrying high.


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7. Hazel Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Scoop Neck

We’re all about this luxurious flow! Soft, breezy, and fitted in all the right places, Hazel gracefully floats you through each shot. These are maternity gowns for photoshoots on cloud nine, where mommy always glows like a goddess.

This maternity photoshoot dress is all about the skirt. Hazel’s floor-length, A-line skirt shapes your entire silhouette with its wide hem. Its relaxed fit also allows for plenty of flowy movement — a must for any photoshoot gown! 

Recommended for: Honestly, Hazel can work on practically all mothers! Her scoop neckline flatters busts of all sizes, and her waistline sits in the right place to complement tall and petite women, low and high bumps. You just need to pick a color that suits the season and your complexion, and this maternity photoshoot dress is all ready for you! Good thing Hazel comes in 14 camera-approved shades, right?


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8. Tessa Petite Floral Maternity Shoot Dress With V-Neck

Who said you can’t keep it short and sweet for your portraits? Tessa tempts you to break tradition and rock a petite maternity photoshoot dress in your pics. And why should you? This style creates perfect composure! Plus, Tessa’s swingy mini skirt is too cute to resist.

Tessa puts your form on point by creating that desirable ⅔ +⅓ balance in your look. This golden ratio makes very pretty pictures, whether you’re looking at a building, painting, or chic maternity photoshoot outfit! Her adorable print makes up the top two-thirds, and your bare legs comprise the lower third.

Recommended for: Tessa is one of the best maternity dresses for photoshoots in the summer and spring when short skirts are in season. Her just-right length is perfect for petite mamas who have trouble finding longer, maxi maternity dresses that flatter their form.


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9. Melody Fitted Maternity Midi Dress With Ruffle Neck

A ruffle maternity dress = perfect texture accent, fabulous layers, and trendy design in one gown! Plus, the ruffle design is coming back with a vengeance, and it’s a feminine style that always marks you as a fashionable mother-to-be. Why wouldn’t you wear it to your maternity photoshoot?

Okay, so let’s break all that down. Ruffles make flattering maternity photoshoot dresses because they create layers that bring out your form. Do you see how Melody’s ruffle neckline creates a separation between your bust and tummy? How that line defines your baby bump and shows the camera exactly where to focus?

Melody’s ruffle accent is only the first reason she’s a terrific maternity photoshoot dress, though. Her seamless, tailored pencil design shapes your growing hips and waist, leaving plenty of room for a comfy fit!

Recommended for: Since Melody has no visible waistline, she flatters mothers carrying low! Some women might be afraid of her midi skirt, but we assure you there’s nothing to fear. Melody has that just-right knee-length, which prevents maternity midi dresses from shortening your stature. 


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a woman wearing a tropical maxi dress

10. Felise Tropical Maternity Photoshoot Dress With Tie Waist 

Oh my my! This maternity photoshoot dress makes our list for its creative print, flattering tie waist, and gorgeous skirt. Felise gives your portraits color and style that few other gowns can offer!

It’s good to remember that large prints are A-okay for the camera as long as they aren’t too busy or distracting. Felise’s tropical floral design doesn’t cause any noise in your shots AND its distribution flatters your form! By spacing out the pattern at the waist, the design keeps your silhouette trim and lets your baby bump have the spotlight. 

Recommended for: Moms carrying high (due to the empire waist), and any mom who wants to add something more to their maternity pics! Felise’s eye-catching print makes for very intriguing portraits — we highly recommend shooting around some palm trees or a staged tropical setting. For maternity photoshoot ideas, think mama on vacation!


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