Why do you need maternity summer dresses? Well, it seems you're entering the second trimester, it's getting hotter everyday, and nothing in your closet works anymore. That sounds no fun, but we do want to say — congratulations! You've worked hard to reach this milestone in your pregnancy, and you're going to work your way through the summer — baby bump and all. You will, because we're going to show you our best maternity summer dresses that will end your wardrobe woes once and for all.


When it gets hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk, you don't want to be stuck in jeans. The alternative? Step out of the pants-oven, stop cooking yourself, and embrace cute pregnancy summer dresses! We specialize in pretty maternity dresses, and that's also why we love summer. This season is the best time for maternity fashion because it's when all the cutest styles arrive!


While this season is an inspiring time for designers, many new moms don't expect the challenge of growing a baby bump when the temperatures rise. When you’re eating for two, the summer heat is the last thing you want to battle. Swelling, sweating, and hot flashes are just the beginning of it. That another reason why we recommend summer maternity clothes that promote cool comfort in these sultry months.


So, where are these cute summer dresses for moms-to-be? How can you know which pregnancy summer dresses will actually look good on your body, and not like some kind of tent?

No need to sweat over it! We have cute womens summer maternity dresses right here! And to make it easier for you, our maternity fashion editors did their homework and listed the best maternity summer dresses in our collection. They chose these specific pregnancy dresses for their trendy style and comfort. These are the best maternity summer dresses for living out your hot mom summer in comfort (and style)! 

Whether you’re eating Ben and Jerry's on the couch or chilling at the beach, you can dress to impress with any of these maternity dresses.




a woman wearing a pink maternity dress named gianna

1. Gianna Empire Tie Waist Maternity Summer Dress

Your skin is in style this season! This sexy pregnancy dress captures the summer look we’re after. This maternity gown defines your bump the way pregnancy summer dresses should with an empire waistline and cute tie.

 Oh, could you tell this is a nursing summer dress? You can pull the bodice for nursing access anytime, anywhere! Since this gown is made of a durable spandex blend, it won’t stretch out, no matter how much you tug or pull on it. 

In fact, all our maternity summer dresses are made with a rayon/spandex blend for a breathable, relaxed fit that helps you beat the heat!


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a woman wearing a pink and white floral pregnancy dress called tessa

2. Tessa Petite Floral Maternity Dress With V-Neck

     Nothing says summer like this adorable floral maternity dress. Soft, sexy, and perfectly petite, these maternity summer dresses make our list ten times over! With a deep V neckline and short skirt, Tessa is perfectly aligned with this season’s fashion.

    Tessa is also cinched underneath the bust to bring out your shape (a must for all maternity summer dresses!). The nursing-friendly wrap neckline creates a sexy V that sculpts busts of all sizes. Overall, this nursing summer dress stuns with a simple but elegant design.


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    a woman wearing a ruffle maternity dress callled melody

    3. Melody Fitted Maternity Midi Dress With Ruffle Neck 

    Ruffles are in! Seriously, the frilly trend has come back this season, and we are not ones to complain. It's exactly why we dig Melody!

    This casual maternity summer dress makes your look pop with a flounced neckline. This cute texture accent adds layers that bring out your shape, especially on camera! A ruffle maternity dress always makes an excellent maternity photoshoot dress.


    Did we mention Melody's versatile, too? This adorable pregnancy dress falls right around the knee, which can flatter both petite and tall mamas. Melody can create TONS of summer pregnancy outfits! Add strappy heels and cuffs for an upscale look or a belt and clutch for a stylish outfit.


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    Bottom line: No woman should have to wear boring summer pregnancy clothes, not when they make cute summer maternity dresses like this one. If you're shopping for cheap maternity summer dresses, this stylish staple is a must.  


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    a girl wearing a vneck floral mama dress called taylin

    4. Taylin Ditsy Floral Maternity Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

      When you're updating your closet with cute summer dresses for pregnancy, Taylin will be your new go-to. She's super cute with her plunging V neck, tie waist, and ditsy floral print! We’re also eyeing that floor length skirt — a must for summer comfort.

      We adore this maternity maxi dress because you can adjust it by tightening the sash. Not only does this make you comfy, but the tie also separates your bust and bump to define your shape. Double win! 


      Speaking of, need a summer look for a baby shower? You’ll shine in these stylish maternity dresses for baby showers!


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      a lady wearing a yellow floral pregnancy gown called maribel

      5. Maribel Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress With Ruffle Top

        This maternity summer dress is all about the neckline. The folded-over, ruffle details drapes over your bust to highlight your form. While other dresses emphasize the waistline, Maribel flatters your figure by accenting your chest! Her bodycon material also hugs you in all the right places to bring out your curves.

        Summertime is about showing your skin, so we're all about this sexy maternity dress! The strapless design lets your skin gleam, making your jewelry shine 10x brighter. This shoulder-baring cut also contours your whole upper body for a sexy, trim look.  


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        a girl wearing a white pregnancy dress called sami

        6. Sami Petite Floral Maternity Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

          Summer vibes all the way! We cannot get enough of this maternity babydoll dress. Short and super cute, this maternity summer dress is a must for petite mamas. The cropped length is flattering for a mini mom to be who might to get swallowed by longer pregnancy dresses. 

          This is one of the cutest dresses for summer — it’s perfect for any mother who wants a boho look. Add some beads and boots, and you have an adventurous outfit that’s made to shine!


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          a woman wearing a white and jade maternity maxi dress called annabelle

          7. Annabelle Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Empire Waist

            Our maternity maxi dress collection is a full of stylish summer dresses for pregnancy; you much check it out! Annabelle is just one fine example. We can rock the color blocks on this gown every single day!

            This gown is adorable with its two-toned print — perfect for any maternity photoshoot! The shades divide your form at the mid-waist, drawing all eyes to your growing tummy! This effect is enhanced on camera, making Annabelle a terrific maternity photoshoot dress.


            The sleeveless bodice sculpts your torso and keeps you looking toned AF all season! You can wear these maternity summer dresses anywhere and maintain a very fashionable (and fit!) maternity style.


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            a woman wearing a blue maternity sundress called lila

            8. Lila Off Shoulder Floral Maternity Dress With Pockets 

            One of our fav casual maternity dresses for summer, Lila is ready to boost your glow. Her off the shoulder design flaunts your summer skin, letting the sun work your shine. Time to tan? We'd say so!

             This maternity sundress is all about composure. The fitted empire waistline keeps you snatched in every trimester. Combined with the maxi-length skirt, Lila maintains a desirable balance in your look (that golden 1/3 + 2/3 ratio, ya know?).


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            a lady wearing a tropical maternity dress called eloise

            9. Eloise Fitted Tropical Maternity Maxi Dress With Side Slit

              Sexy, curve-hugging fit? Check. Colorful print? Check! Sexy, side slit skirt? Double check! This tropical maternity dress marks all the boxes for summer style, and it’s more than camera-ready. If you’re looking for cute summer maternity gowns that are somewhere between sexy and formal, Eloise is the dress for you.

              Maternity bodycon gowns specialize in flaunting your figure. These cute maternity summer dresses define all your growing bumps, from your shoulders to your hips! Your form will get the attention it deserves without any bunching, pinching, or tightness.


              This pregnancy dress showcases your form while sporting a sexy axe-cut skirt that lengthens your leg. The side slit is more than sexy, though. It also keeps you cool and makes walking that much easier! And when your legs go on for days, you get your pick of footwear. Sneakers, sandals, and even boots all work with Eloise!


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              a woman wearing a purple catalina maternity wrap dress

              10. Catalina Maternity Maxi Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

                Relaxed maternity clothes have long ruled the industry, and it’s not hard to understand why. Made with your body in mind, flowy maternity clothing rank high on the comfort and durability scale. That’s why Catalina is on our list of cute summer dresses for pregnant women.


                Catalina is a lightweight, airy maternity dress that keeps you cool n' comfy. She's also super versatile and trendy with an empire waistline, deep V neck, and graceful maxi skirt! These features stun on camera, too. You can always count on this maternity summer maxi dress for glamorous portraits and a trendy baby shower look. 

                Plus, we love that these maternity summer dresses have an elastic waist. This flexible feature lets Catalina grow with you through every trimester and snap back for the postpartum period.


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                a lady wearing a high low maternity gown called poppy

                11. Poppy Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves

                We can’t resist a wrap dress, especially not one as soft and luxurious as Poppy. These maternity summer dresses capture flow, texture, and movement in one simple design!

                Like all the best maternity summer dresses, this gown is cinched under the bust to define your growing baby bump. We also love how the skirt and bodice are both layered for a tiered effect. Poppy will float gracefully through every trimester and beyond!


                Every trimester? Yup! The wrap-style top makes this a stylish nursing summer dress you can wear postpartum. Poppy will last long after your lil one arrives! Available in 4 camera-approved colors, this nursing friendly maternity dress beats out the rest. 


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                a lady wearing a ditsy floral dress called josie

                12. Josie Ditsy Floral Maternity Dress With Short Sleeves

                Sweet and petite, this is one of the most casual maternity dresses for summer. Josie keeps it simple so you can get fancy with accessories! Wear your sunhat, crown, finest bling, and all your favorite things. You can style this petite maternity dress 1,000 different ways.

                Josie's just-right knee length makes her perfect for petite mamas under 5’ 4”. These short maternity dresses keep your look flirty, whether you wear them with boots, sneakers, or heels. These maternity summer dresses are flattering and made with all mothers in mind.


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