a woman wearing a green maternity dress

Green Maternity Dresses That Instantly Up Your Style

It's everywhere. It's the color of luxury ,luck, and nature. You KNOW green is for the most confident queens! Still, several moms won't touch the color with a ten foot pole. Yes, green can be a tricky shade to work with! So when finding cute maternity clothes already feels like finding a needle in a haystack, why risk trying something as loud as a green maternity dress? Shouldn’t you be sticking to your comfort zone and trying to fly under the radar, since you have this huge baby bump and all? Oh no. We have to politely disagree. 

If you already feel good rocking green, congrats — you may be one of the few. In reality, there is a shade of green to flatter EVERY complexion, and there’s a green maternity dress to complement every mom and trimester! Read: any mother can don a green maternity dress and look drop dead gorgeous. Yes, green is an eye-catcher, in the best kind of way. This color marks you as a fashionable mom to be, and the right shade brings out your natural beauty! 

So, all you have to do is find the right shade and style? Yes ma'am, and our maternity fashion editors can help. Some mothers do better with a mint green maternity dress. Other moms have are suited to a dark green maternity dress. Regardless of your skin tone, ANY mama can rock an emerald green maternity dress (a gem in the maternity fashion industry)! This listicle will guide you through the best of our collection. Let's explore!

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a woman in a green strapless pregnancy dress

1. Sasha Strapless Maxi Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist (in Green)

    Sasha has the natural tone that fits all mamas! We love everything about this olive green maternity dress, from the shade to the flattering design. 

    With a strategically placed mid-waistline, Sasha can flatter all bumps in any trimester! This elegant maternity dress defines your figure, whether you’re carrying low or high. How? The fitted bodice contrasts with the flowy skirt, bringing out your shape. This separates your bust and bump and creates a balanced silhouette.

    Oh, and you know that A-line skirt is magical, right? If you love this timeless look, full of elegance and grace, you must should check out a maternity maxi dress

    But let’s discuss this perfect shade of green for a sec. This green maternity maxi dress is balanced on the color wheel. It’s cool enough to compliment fair complexions (as featured) and also muted enough that it won’t dull tan skin tones. 

    But the best part? Sasha is just one of many sexy, camera-approved maternity dresses! If you dig her, be sure to peep these maternity shoot dresses


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    a blond lady wearing a green and white maternity gown

    2. Annabelle Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Scoop Neck (in Heather Green)

      How could we not spotlight these adorable white and green maternity dresses? Annabelle dress is too cute with her color block design! The contrasting shades and textures bring out your shape.

      We’re totally feeling spring vibes from this emerald green maternity dress. Is it the rich tone? Or the sleeveless tank design? Probably both! Thanks to the bright color and relaxed fit, this breezy gown is warm-weather approved.

      This green shade tends to work well on all palettes! Add your favorite gold accessories, and this light green maternity will light up any complexion. 

      Honestly, the stylish two-tone print carries this look! The color blocks divide your waist right above your bump, accentuating your new shape. We also love how the skirt is relaxed to give your waist room to grow. The extra material softens your shape for a beautiful fit in every trimester. This maternity gown can flatter mothers carrying high or low, thanks to the perfectly placed mid waistline. Perfection!


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      a woman wearing a sage green maternity sundress

      3. Cherri Maxi Floral Maternity Sundress With Pockets (in Mint Green)

        Mint green is the thing! And this green maternity dress does every mother right. With a bright green turquoise color and floral print, this flowy pregnancy dress is on point with spring trends. 

        The floor-length skirt breaks up balances your bare shoulders and creates a pleasing composure. We also love how the skirt is loose and breezy — a must for any maternity summer dress! This mint green maternity dress is relaxed and roomy. 

        What caught our eye though is the strapless neckline! This feature creates a slimming effect, adding more to these very beautiful maternity dresses. Any dangling earring and necklaces will stand out well against your skin. What's better than a flowy maternity dress with some extra ice?


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        a pregnant lady wearing a mint high low pregnancy dress

        4. Poppy Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves (in Mint)

          High low maternity dresses are stepping up in the market, and Poppy show us why. Easy and breezy, this sage green maternity dress is comfy beyond belief. The floral print and light green color is perfect for your spring maternity wardrobe, too!

          We are big fans of spring maternity clothes because they're fresh, flirty, and comfy. These pretty maternity dresses fit just right, and they offer the adorable look of a maternity sundress! 

          This mint green maternity dress is comfortably fitted to flaunt your all your new curves. The high-low skirt (complete with a ruffle hem!) lengthens your legs for extra grace.


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