a woman wearing a floral maternity photoshoot dress

12 Maternity Photoshoot Dresses For Every Season

So, it’s week 30 and you’re radiating that healthy, happy, super-mama glow. You worked tirelessly to grow that bump over the last few months, and it’s time to honor this remarkable moment! Are you photoshoot ready? It’s a trick question — you totally are. You have all the required assets, all you need are some beautiful maternity dresses for photoshoots to bring out the best of your pregnant glory. Maybe you’ve been picturing your pregnancy photoshoot dress for months now, or maybe you don’t have a clue about what to wear for the camera. It’s alright! You landed on this page, so you’ll find the perfect maternity photoshoot dress to complement your natural beauty.

We know that choosing the best maternity dress for photoshoots can be hard! Your pregnancy is so special, so of course you want to record it flawlessly. Finding pregnancy dresses for pictures might seem tricky at first. Not every dress is suited for the camera, and not all gowns bring out the best of your shape. So, where to buy maternity photoshoot dresses that flatter your figure, stun on camera, and fit the season?  What maternity dress stores offer quality gowns that don’t cost half of your bank account?

Your maternity dresses are here! Our maternity fashion editors scoured the market and selected the best pregnancy photoshoot dresses. Maternity shoots are kind of our thing, so we made sure every dress could produce gorgeous portraits that would make Aphrodite proud. These dresses were selected for their comfort, seasonal style, and “camera shine.” In other words, every dress comes in suitable colors and flattering designs that show well on camera.

Doing a formal maternity photoshoot? Sexy shoot? You’ll find the sleekest pregnancy dresses right here!


1. Delaney Maxi Strapless Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Too elegant for words! Out of all the dresses we explored, we decided this is the best maternity dress for photoshoots. This off the shoulder maternity maxi dress is right on point with this year’s trends (sexy shoulders, hello?!). Plus, it has incredible flow. The flowy skirt adds movement to your portraits, which is crucial for any pregnancy shoot dress. Delaney is available in 15 different camera-approved colors, so there’s a shade to flatter every complexion. 

We also love that this gown is made of mom-approved material! Rayon is a breathable fabric that will keep you cool and dry all year long, while spandex helps the dress conform to your body. Together, these materials ensure this pregnancy dress gives you a comfortable, tailored fit every time you wear it! 

Since this flowy maternity dress shows your shoulders, it gives you the perfect opportunity to flaunt your finest jewelry. We highly recommend this flowy maternity dress for photoshoots in outdoor settings where the sun can make your skin shine! 

With affordable dresses for all body types and budgets, MaternityDresses.com is the best place to buy a maternity photoshoot dress online. 


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2. Annabelle Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Empire Waist

Color blocks all day! You can always count on our maxi collection to offer some of the best pregnancy dresses for pictures, and Annabelle is a prime example. 

The white and pink print on this dress is downright adorable! We love how the colors compliment your figure and highlight your bump. The pink emphasizes the empire waistline, showing the camera just where your baby bump is. 

Pink is such a flattering color on the camera! If you want a romantic look that melts your heart, go with a pink maternity dress.

The color is not the only flattering feature of this photoshoot dress either! The design is just as adorable. We love how the sleeveless bodice hugs your curves and goes sexy with a scoop neckline. This design sculpts your torso and flatters many body types, and it’s especially sexy combined with the empire waist. You can don this maternity photoshoot outfit anywhere and be marked as a very fashionable mom-to-be!


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3. Gianna Maternity Maxi Empire Tie Waist Dress With V-Neck

You can resemble a pregnant queen with this stunning tie waist maternity dress. Elegant and soft, we cannot recommend this maternity photoshoot dress enough. The plunging V neckline adds a sexy touch while the long skirt balances the design. 

But what we love the most about this pregnancy dress is the camera-worthy design! The bow above sits right above your waist, drawing attention to your bump. The gown is also cinched underneath your breasts to emphasize your belly. This feature is essential for any pregnancy shoot dress! 

Overall, Gianna wins us over with her simple yet beautiful format.


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a pregnant woman with dark hair wearing a floral high low dress

4. Poppy Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves

We love us a maternity wrap dress! Poppy is the perfect photoshoot dress with her flowy, layered design. This high low maternity dress captures style, camera shine, and flow with its elegant design! Both the bodice and skirt are layered to create a tiered effect. This design adds length to your silhouette, which is a blessing for all the petite mamas out there.

Like all the best maternity shoot dresses, this gown is cinched under the bust to bring out your baby bump. The flowy skirt is a bit longer in the back, giving your steps a graceful flow. The wrap-style bodice makes this nursing friendly, too! You’ll never be short of color options — this dress comes in four different shades. 


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a pregnant lady wearing a red ruffle gown

5. Melody Fitted Maternity Midi Dress With Ruffle Neck

Frills for days! Melody has all the texture you need for your maternity portraits. The flounced neckline creates layers that separate your bust and bump, defining your shape on camera. Melody's pencil skirt also slims your hips for a sleek silhouette in every trimester.

If you need cheap maternity dresses for photoshoots, Melody and her frilly sisters will work in a pinch! Ruffle maternity dresses are back in style for because they add that lil' extra pop to your look. 


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a woman with blond hair wearing a white maternity sundress

6. Sasha Strapless Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist

Your skin is made to shine! Made from high quality material, these maternity sundresses provide an unbeatable fit! The flattering design is one reason why we chose Sasha as one of the best pregnancy dresses for pictures. She's a dainty, airy dress that will emphasize your figure on camera. Carolina is also perfectly aligned with this year’s trends with her empire waistline, maxi length, and strapless neckline.

We love that this white maternity dress lets some light shine through. A sheer material lets the sunlight illuminate your beautiful pregnant form. White gowns make some of the best maternity clothes for photoshoots. We highly recommend bright pregnancy photoshoot dresses for outdoor settings. 


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7. Catalina Maternity Maxi Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

Catalina rocks with her timeless and beautiful design! The soft, satin-y material absolutely shines on camera. We also love the plunging V neck and flexible waist! Since the waistline cinches to your shape, you’ll always have an award-winning fit. Not only does the elastic tie make you comfortable, but it also helps separate your bust and bump in your portraits, defining your shape.

This terrific maxi maternity dress comes in 15 different shades. Every color is glorious but muted enough to not distract on camera. The long flowy skirt gives you some material to sway around and play with at your shoot. A loose skirt is crucial for photoshoots because it adds movement to your portraits, and this dress nails that flow. Pair Catalina with some strappy sandals or a sunhat, and you’ll have an adventurous look you’ll love year after year. 


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a woman wearing a petite white dress with red flowers on it

8. Sami Petite Floral Maternity Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

Summer-y and short, this babydoll dress is to die for! Our summer collection is an excellent stop for cheap maternity dresses for photoshoots; you can always find camera-approved styles there. Petite and cute, this maternity summer dress is a must for small mamas. The short length flatters small women the best.

This is one of the best maternity shoot dresses for any mother aiming for a boho look. Pair this dress with a sunhat and cuffs, and you’ll rock a feminine and original with a bit of edge!

We also love all of Sami's color options. There is a shade to suit every personality and setting! Whether you go with black or white, this pregnancy dress will bring out your summer glow.



a woman wearing a black floral strapless maternity sundress

9. Lila Off Shoulder Floral Maternity Dress With Pockets 

Off the shoulder cut, long skirt, floral print. Lila has everything you could want in a maternity shoot dress! If you’re looking for a pregnancy photoshoot dress that’s cute and lil' bit sexy, this is the dress you want to buy. 

Strapless maternity dresses are fantastic for flaunting your form. These maternity shoot dresses balance your composure AND sculpts your figure. How? It's the off the shoulder design, which exposes your collar and cinches your torso for a lean, toned look. This pregnancy shoot dress accomplishes that while sporting a glamorous flower-y pattern. And with your summer shoulders exposed, you can show off some glorious earrings and necklaces — metals highly recommended! 



a woman wearing a petite black dress with roses on it

10. Tessa Petite Floral Maternity Dress With V-Neck

Petite and sweet, this is one of the best maternity dresses for photoshoots in the spring and summer. Tessa keeps it simple so you can go all out with the accessories! Wear your flower crown, crystal earrings, and all your favorite bling. This gown is as chic as you make it. 

The mini length also makes this the best pregnancy shoot dress for mamas 5’ 4” and under. We also love the relaxed, airy fit — you won't break a sweat in this dress! These maternity shoot dresses are cute and made for all mothers. 


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a pregnant woman wearing an off the shoulder maternity bodycon dress

11. Maribel Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress With Ruffle Top

This ruffled neckline makes Maribel one of the best maternity dresses for photoshoots. The textured cloth hangs over your chest to create separation on camera, emphasizing your form. Most dresses accomplish this by accenting the waistline, but this gown flatters your figure by highlighting your chest! 

The shoulder-baring cut shapes your collar and neck body for a sexy, toned appearance. Your earrings will make an extra bold statement against this maternity photoshoot dress since there is no fabric covering your shoulders. Maribel is simple enough that she won’t distract on camera, and it’s the best maternity dress for photoshoots with a formal theme. 


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12. Hazel Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Scoop Neck

One of the more casual maternity dresses for photoshoots, Hazel loves the camera! All of her 14 colors reflect light perfectly, and her long A-line skirt gives you an incredible shape. Plus, the fitted tank bodice showcases your baby bump at every stage, whether you're carrying high or low. How? The secret lies in the mid-waistline, which makes a strategic contrast between the fitted top and relaxed skirt! 

Rayon is a porous material that wicks away moisture and heat, allowing your skin to breathe. Elastic helps the gown stretch and conform to your shape regardless of your size. This is the perfect combination for a pregnancy photoshoot dress. You will definitely stay comfy during your shoot in this shaping gown.


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