Motherhood is an amazing journey and it all starts with your maternity period, a time of radical change and transformation inside your body. These changes are many, and they necessitate a reimagining of your entire wardrobe as your body grows and develops to nurture and care for an infant. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and make some easy mistakes while maternity shopping, so in this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make the right purchases.

From maternity dresses to extra-stretchy waistlines, maternity clothes are as varied as the mothers who wear them. While it’s smart to get as much usage out of your normal clothes during pregnancy as you can, it’s also important to have maternity clothes ready, especially by the second or third trimester. You’ll have enough to worry about without thinking about clothes or outfits that don’t fit!

Just like how the foods we eat affect our baby’s development, so do our emotions. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to keep your stress levels low, and the best way to do this is by maintaining your comfort and looking your best. To ensure this, always avoid these five mistakes:

Mistake #1: Purchasing everything all at once

It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment and end up buying ALL of the maternity clothes at once. While in your first trimester, you might be so excited that you want to buy all the maternity clothes available, but you just don’t know how your bump will look by the third trimester, or how you will feel about the clothes you bought. When building your maternity wardrobe, take it slow and give yourself time, as it’s impossible to predict how each individual body will react to pregnancy. 

Mistake #2: Forgetting about the bra

One major aspect of your changing body is that your bra might start to feel too tight, which can have adverse health effects, as well as stretch them out, making them useless in the future. To start with, add one cup size and one back size onto your usual bra size, and see if it feels comfortable at the tightest setting, which will give you plenty of room to loosen it as you grow.  

The right kind of maternity or nursing bra will be different for every woman. Any type of bra, whether it's a pumping bra, strapless bra, sports bra, or anything else, will have benefits and downsides. However, one thing is for certain: investing in at least one high-quality maternity or nursing bra will be one of your most important purchases and one that you will never regret.

Mistake #3: Choosing the wrong sizes

Many women actually overestimate the amount of weight they will gain during pregnancy, leading them to buy maternity clothes that are too big and baggy. To avoid this, always consult an online maternity sizing guide, or contact a retailer who will be happy to advise you. If it’s your first pregnancy, you’ll have an especially hard time estimating your pregnancy size, so if you can wait until you have started growing to purchase the clothes it might help you buy the right ones.

Mistake #4: Choosing non-breathable fabrics

It’s easy to forget that maternity clothes must, before anything else, be comfortable. One easy way to do this is to buy soft, breathable fabrics that allow you to cool down and feel comfortable on your skin. Cotton, silk, and bamboo, along with stretchy materials like polyester or spandex are always good choices. 

Your changing hormones during pregnancy can lead to unpleasant hot flashes, which usually start in the second trimester. Beat the heat by thinking ahead and purchasing maternity clothes that allow you to cool down easily and get fresh air to your skin.

Mistake #5: Neglecting nightwear

It’s easy to get so caught up in the beautiful maxi maternity dresses or jeans that finally feel comfortable again that you forget about nighttime. You spend a lot of time sleeping, and getting enough sleep is crucial for the developing baby. Make sure you find something comfortable, with flexible and breathable fabric. 

It’s also smart to look for sleepwear that has flaps or other means built in to facilitate nursing or pumping easier. This will save you time and effort late at night when you will desperately want to go back to sleep.

Don’t Forget to Relax!

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, so enjoy every moment! When purchasing maternity clothes, try to find durable pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe postpartum, and always stay true to your personal style. 

The maternity period will be over before you know it, so try to make the most of it and always stay comfortable. If you follow these tips and tricks to avoid basic mistakes, you will be well on your way to maternity fashion success.