A Full Second-Trimester Checklist: Everything You Need To Know

A Full Second-Trimester Checklist: Everything You Need To Know

Are you searching for “When does the second trimester start?” The second-trimester weeks are between 13 to 28 weeks of your pregnancy journey. Congratulations if you have entered this golden era where you have crossed your first trimester and finally bumped into your second trimester.

In the second trimester, you look more energetic and get a natural glow to your face. It is also a fantastic time to adopt new healthy habits and start with the preparations to welcome your little champ!

Now is the perfect time to start searching for gender-reveal dresses, or you can look for various ideas on social media platforms for maternity photoshoot dresses. This is all about pampering yourself and embracing the beauty of motherhood.

To lower your stress about what to add to your to-do list, we have created the best second-trimester checklist for the beautiful MAMA! Give it a quick read to power up your pregnancy journey.

1. Stay Hydrated and Consume Nutrient Rich Food

Do you love the shine you are seeing on your face? Yes, girl, it gets enhanced after consuming the perfect amount of water, electrolytes, and nutrients. It is best if you consult your gynecologist to ask about the accurate amount of Iron, Folic acid, vitamin D, and other supplements. If you want to see your baby grow into a super-person, focus on taking these supplements, fruits, or vegetables as prescribed by the doctor.

According to a report by Dr. Sandler, in the majority of women, peak cravings start in the second semester. So, you also need to make sure you've already stocked up your food cravings items beforehand.

2. Upgrade your Maternity Clothing For Special Occasions

You'll soon get to see your little bump popping up. Sometimes, it can get a little late, varying from person to person, depending on your weight, height, and other health concerns.

No matter what, don't forget to invest in some chic maternity dresses. Double-check the products are soft and comfortable for you to carry like a queen easily. You can either shop online or go for a market visit for formal maternity dresses or styling beach maternity dresses

3. Build Your Baby's Checklist

As you are done with your maternity clothes for special occasions, take a pen to note down your baby's checklist before you hear its first cry in this world.

So, here are a few things to consider for your “mini you” :

  • Select a beautiful name.
  • Make the nursery ready.
  • Keep an eye on the wardrobe.
  • Get rid of the negatives in your lifestyle.
  • Work on increasing your monthly budget.
  • Take birthing sessions to give a warm welcome to your baby.

4. Opt for Pregnancy-Safe Workouts

To stay healthy and fit, don't miss out on your daily exercises.

You can invest in comfortable dresses to easily exercise in the gym. Try asking your gym trainer for various workout suggestions. However, some of the pregnancy-safe exercises include yoga, side planks, ball exercises, lunges, squats, and more. By incorporating these movements, you'll stay active and will deliver a healthy and happy sweetheart!


The second semester is to say bye to the morning sickness and lower energy levels. It is like a new season and New You - ready to shine! You have to tick away all your pending tasks and fold over your sleeves for exciting upcoming moments.

In this blog, we have highlighted a basic to-do list you shouldn't miss out on. We hope to see you all glowing in the coming weeks and slaying in the most elegant maternity dresses!