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Cheap Sexy Maternity Dresses for Mamas Who Got It

You don't have any sexy maternity dresses? You're expecting, EVERYONE keeps telling you how great you look, and you don't have a single sexy mom dress to show for it?! Well, we're going to help you with that! From here on, no more blah maternity clothes. Our fashion editors are on a mission to increase your confidence tenfold, starting with your wardrobe. Because honestly? You DO look stunning right now. And we're not just saying that. Your glowing skin, shiny hair, rocking curves, and radiant smile are TOO lovely to be wasted on bland pregnancy dresses! Please!


Okay, now that we're done venting, let's get some things straight. It's not easy to be comfortable with a body that's swelling like a ballon. Embracing your new figure can be a battle; we know! And that's exactly why sexy maternity dresses are a thing. These pregnancy gowns gowns are literally designed for your shape, so you don't have to worry about an awkward fit. Sexy maternity clothes are here to help you stay comfy AND cute as you grow through each trimester. The whole idea is to keep loving the skin you're in, no matter what this journey throws at you. Despite what some people might think, it's not about getting people to stare (though that can be a plus, if you're about it!). Sexy maternity dresses are for you — for the love of yourself and your body.

TLDR: all you need is self-love and a spark of confidence to rock some sexy maternity dresses!

Yeah, we understand this kind of makeover doesn't happen overnight for all ladies. But we can help you get started! Our maternity fashion editors compiled a list of their favorite sexy maternity outfits, and they want to share! This listicle includes our best sexy pregnancy dresses for ALL body types and fashion tastes. Oh, and it doesn't matter whether you're in your first trimester or fourth — these elegant maternity dresses are made to last for the whole ordeal. If you're into fitted bodycon looks, we have plenty of those on the hook just for you! If you dig more relaxed styles, we picked out some breezy, sexy maternity clothes that go with your flow. 

And if you need sexy pregnancy outfits every day of the week? You're already here. Peep these maternity dresses!



a woman wearing a red sexy maternity dress

1. Athena Maternity Ruched Bodycon Dress with Scoop Neck

    Athena is the best of our sexy pregnancy dresses! She's sculpting, trendy, and approved for all bumps and body types.

    These sexy maternity gowns define all your curves with a smart bodycon material that never squeezes. Thanks to her spandex/rayon blend, Athena stretches to comfortably fit any bump, and she snaps back when the baby is born! This material defines your gracefully define shape (no bulges) and keeps you comfy all the while. 

    The shaping material is just the first sexy thing about Athena, though! Her design is trendy and strategic. These pregnancy maternity dresses have a stylish ruched texture from the waist down. Not only does this draw attention to your baby bump, but it also shapes your hips to perfection. Is this the best maternity dress for showing off your new shape? We might say so!

    This sexy maternity dress continues to stun with a perfect above-the-knee skirt. The short length makes Athena ideal for petite mamas who don't like long dresses (or any mama who likes to show off her legs!). 

    But the best part? Athena comes from a whole collection of sexy pregnancy dresses! Check out the rest of the option for some ravishing pregnancy dresses for baby showers.


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    a woman wearing a sexy floral maternity maxi dress with a slit in the skirt

    2. Gigi Fitted Floral Maternity Maxi Dress With Side Slit

      This maternity maxi dress is beyond sexy with a bodycon fit and split design. We absolutely adore the floral print, too! These pregnancy maternity dresses define your figure with a sleek and comfy fit. 

      Does your baby bump sit high or low? It doesn't matter when you wear Gigi! Because she has no waistline, she keeps your figure balanced and defined. This is a crucial feature for any sexy pregnancy outfit.

      These sexy maternity dresses have a stylish axe-cut skirt that lets your legs go on for days. These thigh slits lengthen your leg and add height. We highly recommend heels to enhance the effect! For all these reasons, Gigi makes our list of sexy maternity clothes.


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      a lady wearing a short floral pregnancy gown

      3. Raisa Rose Floral Wrap Maternity Dress With Short Sleeves

        Got gorgeous legs? Show them off with these petite, sexy maternity dresses! Raisa keeps it cute n' flirty with a mini skirt and adorable rosy print. 

        Womens maternity dresses are usually floor-length, which is cool. But, it can get old after a while. These sexy pregnancy dresses break that tradition with their knee-length hem. We also love how skirt is relaxed — this gives your tummy room to grow. Do you see that plunging V neckline, too? This feature lifts and sculpts your bust for a dainty appearance any day. 

        You can always count on these lil' sexy maternity dresses for a cute summer or spring outfit. These pretty maternity dresses can work at any stage.


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        a lady wearing a black wrap dress called catalina

        4. Catalina Maternity Maxi Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

          Catalina is one of the most elegant maternity dresses in our collection! We adore her because she's versatile and undeniably sexy. These sexy maternity dresses rock that timeless flowing skirt, and the deep wrap neckline adds to its sensual style.

          Do you see her high waistline? This is a staple of sexy maternity outfits because it separates your bust and tummy, defining your shape. We adore how these maternity gown dresses also grow with your body. The elastic waistline stretches for every trimester — first to fourth!


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          a pregnant woman wearing a strapless white maternity sundress

          5. Sasha Strapless Maxi Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist 

            Who doesn't love a white maternity dress?

            This strapless dress is a perfect foundation for all your sexy maternity outfits. The off the shoulder design, empire waist, and flowing skirt bring out your natural beauty just like that! Sasha is all about flaunting that summer skin. This white color + your gleaming shoulders = a glow-up that no gown can match!

            Maternity sundresses are growing more and more popular these days, and these sexy pregnancy dresses show us why. Sasha balances your composure with her strapless design and floor-length skirt — it's the perfect recipe for maintaining the golden thirds ratio. The off shoulder cut also sculpts your torso for a toned and feminine appearance. 


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            a pregnant woman wearing a leopard print maternity dress

            6. Nala Leopard Print Midi Bodycon Maternity Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

              Ferocious! These sexy maternity gowns are on trend this year with a stylish animal print. As her name suggests, Nala takes her spots from the leopard — the fiercest cat in the jungle. 

              These sexy maternity dresses are completely fitted to show off your new shape, bump included! Nala is skilled at what she does; she defines every curve without clinging or bunching. Her flexible material easily moves with your body, keeping you comfy through every trimester. You can finally say yes to practical, sexy pregnancy clothes!


              This stylish maternity gown is versatile enough to wear to work, a party, or the mall. You can pair these sexy pregnancy dresses with low heels or sneakers, a sunhat or cuffs. There are TONS of ways to style Nala! Let your fashion imagination run wild here — the less tame the better!


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              a lady wearing a fitted off shoulder pregnancy dress

              7. Maribel Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress With Ruffle Top

                Womens maternity dresses never used to be form-fitting or trendy, but it's a totally different game now! The print, the neckline, the bodycon fit—she's too chic to resist! Maribel is a sexy mom dress that's ready for all your baby showers, photoshoots, and fun events. 

                This fitted maternity dress is one of our favs because it works on both short and tall mamas. The skirt falls right at the knee, which lengthens your legs. Just add some wedges and your favorite handbag, and these sexy maternity outfits are ready for a night on the town.

                The off shoulder neckline and ruffle details work together to accent your collar. These features also shape your upper body, giving you a toned look. Plus, the ruffles on top of the smooth bodycon material create layers that flatter your figure!

                Ruffle maternity dresses can make some very sexy pregnancy outfits! This bodycon, off the shoulder look makes our list for its trendy design and endless styling options. 


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                a woman wearing a blue tie waist maternity gown

                8. Gianna Maternity Maxi Empire Tie Waist Dress With V-Neck

                  You can count on our maxi collection for sexy maternity clothes, like this tie waist gown! It’s one of the best maternity dresses for baby showers, though you can rock it anytime you want some attention. These sexy maternity dresses take flow and glow to the next level. 

                  We can't decide what we like most about Gianna! The surplice wrap neckline makes the sexiest V neck, which is great for sculpting your boobs. While the bodice is fitted to your form, the A-line skirt stays flowy and relaxed to soften your silhouette. 

                  Oh, did we mention these elegant pregnancy dresses are comfy AF? The tie lets you cinch the dress to your comfort level. Meanwhile, the spandex blend lets the gown grow and move with you through each trimester.

                  If you've decided to fill out your wardrobe with sexy pregnancy clothes, Gianna is the solid staple you can count on. She's graceful, tasteful, and on-trend, and made to last!


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                  a woman wearing a high low floral maternity dress

                  9. Poppy Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves

                    This sexy white maternity dress takes the cake! The design is adorable and flowing with feminine appeal. And with a high low skirt? We promoted the designer that stitched this sexy floral maternity gown.

                    Poppy's breezy yet fitted design is the secret to her seductive look. She flaunts curves from your shoulders to your hips, but relaxes at the waist. This way, the high low skirt can float around your legs and work its magic! Did you notice the chic surplice neckline? So beautiful.

                    These beautiful maternity dresses feature a vibrant floral print that ups your look with color. Sexy pregnancy clothes should match your accessories, and Poppy's pastel palette says it's time to bring out the red and pink!


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                    a pregnant woman wearing a long fitted red dress

                    10. Aria Maternity Maxi Ruched Evening Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

                      So you need cheap sexy maternity dresses that keep a high-toned look? This glamorous basic is the staple you're looking for! Simple and beautiful, these sexy maternity dresses can truly flatter every shape with their long bodycon design. The fitted, floor-length skirt slims your silhouette for a completely tailored look.

                      This sexy red maternity dress is ready for all your decorations! Break out your finest necklaces and earrings. Your jewelry will stand out beautifully against these sexy maternity gowns.


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                      a woman wearing an off shoulder floral dress

                      11. Lila Off Shoulder Floral Maternity Dress With Pockets

                        Oooh, la la! This off the shoulder maternity dress creates a delicate, elegant look with its high waist and floral design. The strapless neckline is what really does it for us, though! Flow and bare shoulders — the perfect recipe for sexy maternity clothes.

                        We love how this flowy pregnancy dress highlights your shape with its cinched empire waist. While other womens maternity dresses use bodycon material or a tie, these elegant maternity dresses bring out your form by separating your bust and baby bump. The neckline also accents the collar and sculpts the shoulders for a toned appearance.

                        Plus, Lila goes the extra mile for mothers by weaving convenience into style — these beautiful maternity dresses have pockets!  


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                        a woman wearing a long black pregnancy dress

                        12. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

                          This sexy black maternity dress knocks us out with its perfect combination of stylish elements. What mom-to-be doesn’t look good in an off the shoulder, fitted, maternity maxi dress? That’s a trick question — all mamas will look fly in this sexy mom dress.


                          When you're shopping for sexy maternity clothes, you can't go wrong with an LBD. You can find tons of sexy maternity dresses in our black gown collection; see for yourself! Delaney is just one of many styles available. 


                          Why black? And why Delaney? Well, black takes pounds off your silhouettes, so it’s a smart choice for sexy pregnancy outfits. This color hides all your problem areas, though the design of this pregnancy dress is already pretty forgiving. Delaney is not tight whatsoever, yet her cinched waist and strapless neckline flaunt your curves. 

                          Her off the shoulder design also sculpts your shoulders for a slimmer, more toned appearance. With a bare collar, you can go all out with jewelry! 



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