Your Guide to Postpartum Dresses: Cute and Comfy Babe Style

You’ve done the work, had the baby, put your body through the most it’s EVER been through! And what does your body do now? Umm, it’s hard to say. It’s growing in some places? And shrinking in others? Oh, and leaking all kinds of fluids. Yeah… this is why postpartum dresses are a thing.

Maybe you thought the challenge of maternity fashion was over. Like, you can see your baby swaddled up right next to you; he’s no longer in there! But you still look pregnant, your boobs are somehow still growing, and comfort in anything other than elastic still feels like years away. 

No, it’s not the most fun party you’ve been to. But yes, you’re not alone. All mothers go through this uncomfortable post-delivery phase when their bodies don’t look or act in any way they used to. It DOES pass, and postpartum clothes are here in the meantime to help you recover your style. 

And remember, it all takes time. Be patient and kind with yourself right now — you just pulled off the most amazing thing a human could ever do. There is no pressure to look any certain way

So, on behalf of all the team here: welcome to your 4th trimester! You’re going to pull through, and you’re going to look cute AF doing it. We’re going to help you put together a postpartum wardrobe that will keep you comfy AND put your old clothes to shame.

How to Dress Postpartum

The secret to stylish postpartum outfits are relaxed maternity dresses that soften your shape. Postpartum dresses are your best bet because A) they’re super easy to wear and B) they’re literally designed for comfort. Oh, and C) there are a TON of adorable postpartum dress styles to choose from. Here’s how you pick the best one:

Go Dark

We all know that black slims your silhouette, yes? That’s why it’s the ultimate choice of fashion models worldwide. So, we recommend choosing black or other dark shades when shopping for your 4th trimester clothes.

Anyway, a black maternity dress is a wardrobe savior you can depend on for so many occasions! 10/10 recommend.

What if your personality is too bright for dark colors? We hear you. Limiting yourself to shadowy shades can get a bit boring, so try accenting yourself with bright colors when you want more flair. You can find these colors in your shoes, handbag, hat, coat, or even scarf.

Our favorite dark/bright combos:

  • Navy blue and yellow
  • Black and red/pink
  • Royal purple and white/sky blue
  • Charcoal and green/salmon

Alternatively, certain prints can have the same slimming effect and keep your outfit interesting. Fashionable maternity clothes with a stylish design will distract from your shape and keep your whole look on point. Our only advice is to avoid prints with large details (like a floral with giant flowers) because they can add weight to your frame.


a woman wearing a dark blue maternity dress on the beach

Relax and Let Loose

We can all agree that you’ve been through enough — there is just no need for your clothes to be all uptight. Loose, flowy maternity dresses are where it’s at. The comfort and forgiving fit are key to feeling happy and confident!

Your body might change as often as the gas prices, so it’s best to invest in flexible postpartum dresses with a lil’ extra room. That way you don’t have to worry about minor (or major) fluctuations in your shape. We recommend avoiding pregnancy clothes that cling tightly to your waist or hips. 

Now, when we say “a lil’ extra room,” we don't necessarily mean oversized. You always want to buy postpartum clothes that are true to your size to avoid a frumpy look. We’re talking about dress styles that are relaxed and roomy (in a trendy way).

Shape it Up With Postpartum Underwear

Shapewear might become your new best friend at this stage, and that’s okay. Postpartum underwear doesn’t just sculpt your hips and waist; it also provides much-needed support. These undergarments can also comfortably accommodate the giant maxi pads you’ll wear in the weeks after your delivery.

Honestly, they’re getting pretty innovative in the maternity shapewear world! Some shapewear boasts compression features, which may help your abdominal muscles recover after birth. Other types of postpartum underwear even have silicone panels to soothe C-section scars or pockets to hold an ice pack.

But really, we recommend shape wear because it increases your comfort and works wonders for your silhouette. If it puts your body at ease and makes you happy with the way you look, we’re all for it.

Best Postpartum Dresses

So what are the best maternity dresses for your ever-changing 4th trimester bod? Hmmm…

Of course, these aren't the only styles that flatter a 4th trimester bod. You can fill out your postpartum wardrobe with peplum tops, button-downs, and drop waist gowns when you want to switch it up. 



Pro Tip: Go Cheap

Honestly, what fits today might not fit in a few weeks. Or even tomorrow. So we advise not spending a fortune on your postpartum clothes because you never know how long you’ll wear them!

Affordable postpartum dresses are actually not that hard to find (thankfully). Did you know you’re already shopping at one of the most budget-friendly maternity stores? Well, here you are! And here’s a list you might like…

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Now, saving money is definitely the goal (forever and always), but you have to draw a line at TOO cheap. We’re talking about choosing affordable, high quality maternity clothes rather than flimsy, fall-apart rags. Besides, your body has gone through so much — it deserves better than fast maternity fashion.

Want to find only the best maternity dresses? First, there are some things you need to know!

Always choose your postpartum dresses that are made with some kind of stretch material. This ensures they can fit your changing shape and, um, won’t stretch out! 

Final Thoughts - Postpartum Dresses

You got your postpartum maxi dress? And your maxi pad? You’re going to make it! And you’ll be comfy and put-together all the while.

It can be so hard to dress your new 4th trimester body, especially if you’re recovering from your first pregnancy. You might feel like you’re a completely changed woman, but beauty always adapts! With these tips and some cute postpartum dresses, you can find a new style that fits your body and fashion soul.