In the spirit of colorful leaves and pumpkin pie, we proudly present to you our best fall baby shower dresses! Because what do you wear to a fall baby shower? Not your Halloween costume (unless that’s the theme, but we’ll get to that!). If your baby bash is an October event, congratulations! This time of the year is full of festivities, so your party is already perfectly timed. Plus, you get to choose from the best baby shower outfit ideas. Yes ma’am, autumn is the time of flowy, gorgeous styles — we’re about to show you.

Oh, you want to see them now? Take a look at these baby shower dresses!


So maybe you already know what fall fashion is all about. Relaxed fits, earth tones, and flowy gowns are the thing! Our fall maternity dresses for baby showers follow these trends and keep you comfy, too. Cause ya know, practicality is ALWAYS in style. We designed our fall baby shower dresses to pair with small bumps, large bumps, boots, and your pumpkin centerpiece. In other words, these baby shower gowns have that seasonal style, but you can rock them well after your party is over!

Need maternity clothing for after the party? We have tons of pregnancy dresses to fit your fancy! 

Okay, so are you ready to see our top picks? Our maternity fashion editors spent a good minute choosing the best baby shower dresses from the fall collection, and we’re sure you’ll love them! The experts we’re sure to include styles for every mama. If you prefer fitted maternity shower dresses, we got you covered! If you like em’ loose n’ flowy, we have sooo many stylish baby shower dresses on this list for you. We’re going to stop the chitchat now, dive in, and show off these adorable fall baby shower dresses we keep talking about!




a pregnant lady wearing a maxi floral fall pregnancy dress

1. Taylin Ditsy Floral Fall Baby Shower Dress With Tie Waist

These fall baby shower outfits couldn’t get any cozier! Taylin is one of our top favorite fall maternity dresses for baby showers because she’s flowy, flirty, and so… breezy. Like, a fall kind of breeze. I guess what we’re trying to say is that she feels just like home!

Yup, you can thank Taylin’s relaxed maxi skirt and adjustable tie for a cozy fit in every trimester. Oh, and these same features also just happen to be trending for fall! These cute baby shower dresses are the perfect blend of style and practical maternity comfort.

Speaking of style, we ADORE the lil’ flowers on this fall baby shower dress. They’re perfect for a growing mama! Large florals tend to expand with your body, adding extra weight to your figure. Those floral prints are not very fall-ish, either. But these teeny-tiny petals? They stay small cute, even as your body grows. Plus, they’re still fashionable in fall!


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a woman wearing a purple strapless maternity dress

2. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

Sexy and so in season! Delaney makes our list of fine fall maternity baby shower dresses because she pulls off an autumn look while showing skin. Yup, we’re looking right at that folded strapless neckline!

See those long sleeves? That flowy skirt? Delaney is right on point with fall maternity fashion. We love how she balances her modest elements with a sexy, off the shoulder neckline! The strapless design sculpts your shoulders and gives these stylish baby shower dresses a trendy feel.


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a woman wearing a sunflower maternity dress called helia

3. Helia Tie Waist Sunflower Maternity Wrap Dress With Short Sleeves

Now, here’s a fall baby shower outfit for moms with a creative fashion taste! Are our boho-chic mamas in the house? Good, because they’ll appreciate Helia’s pretty print. If you’re wondering what to wear to a baby shower that looks totally unique and not like every other gown on sale, this is your dress right here! 

Helia’s palette is a charming mix of fall colors. She features red, yellow, and black — all the colors of the leaves outside! If you live somewhere with seasons, anyway. Yellow is the dominant shade in this stylish design, making this fall baby shower dress a head-turner! Be ready for some attention!

Besides her eye-catching design, Helia brings out the best of your shape with a sexy V neckline and flowing skirt. We love how her wrap neckline lifts your busts (with a lil’ help from the tie!). The sash cinches your waist wherever you need it to highlight your bump and enhance your curves. 


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a woman wearing a pink tank pregnancy gown

4. Hazel Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Scoop Neck

Hazel is a classic. Timeless, elegant, and always pretty, this maternity shower dress is a solid choice that can carry you through any special occasion or photoshoot. We recommend that every mama have this staple in her maternity wardrobe!

What’s Hazel’s secret to eternal beauty? It’s her perfectly placed waistline! Well, and her flowing A-line skirt. And her strategic clash of fitted and relaxed elements. In short, these fall baby shower outfits check all the boxes for chic mama style. 

Yes ma’am — this fall baby shower dress can flatter any mama-in-the-making. Because the waistline falls in the middle of the dress, Hazel can highlight both high and low baby bumps. She defines your shape with a fitted tank bodice and soft skirt.


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a lady wearing a fitted dress called maribel

5. Maribel Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress With Ruffle Top

A curve-hugging, bump-flaunting, body-conscious pregnancy dress for your fall baby shower? Heck yes! Meet Maribel. She’s going to do your growing baby bod’ right.

Okay, so these are fall baby shower outfits for moms who want to show off. And that’s you! Maribel is the perfect maternity dress for bringing out your finest assets with a smarty bodycon material and strapless flounced neckline.

Smart bodycon? Maribel is made of a soft fabric that hugs your curves but never squeezes tight. So, you always stay defined, comfy, and all bulges stay out of the picture. She takes her sculpting powers a step further with her off-shoulder, flounced neckline. This design works wonders for your figure and makes jewelry really stand out next to your bare skin.


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a pregnant girl wearing a short blue ditsy floral dress called josie

6. Josie Ditsy Floral Maternity Dress With Short Sleeves

We know our mothers want some petite baby shower outfit ideas, and Josie is here to deliver! This petite maternity dress comes in an adorable ditsy print and all the fall colors a mom could want. 

Josie’s flirty length makes her perfect for smaller women who struggle with the look of long gowns. Oh, and her short length makes her a perfect match for some knee-high boots — those would be the best accessory for this fall baby shower dress!

With a V neckline and short hem, these are cute maternity dresses for baby showers in the warm months of fall (think September). The nursing friendly wrap neckline lifts your bust and makes this dress suitable for the fourth trimester.


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a dark-haired woman wearing a purple ruffle pregnancy dress

7. Melody Fitted Maternity Midi Dress With Ruffle Neck

Frills are such a baby shower mood! And they’re coming back in style (especially for fall). That’s why Melody makes our list of fall maternity dresses for baby showers. She’s cute, on trend, and super duper comfy. 

How comfy, you ask? Well, these cute baby shower dresses actually fit just like a T-shirt, despite looking like a chic gown. Since Melody doesn’t have a waistline, she complements both high and low baby bumps! She grows with your body through each trimester. Meanwhile, her pencil skirt slims and shapes your hips for a sleek silhouette. 

But that’s not even the main feature, of course! Melody’s flounced neckline steals the spotlight every time. The ruffled material fills out your bust, creates a chic look, and adds a textured accent to your outfit, just like that!


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a woman wearing a leopard maternity dress called kiara

8. Kiara Leopard Wrap Maternity Maxi Dress With Short Sleeves

Flawless and fierce is the only way Kiara rolls! Animals prints are coming back with a vengeance for fall, and our designers couldn’t wait to pounce on the trend (pun completely intended). These are fall baby shower outfits for moms with an adventurous style and the confidence to match!

Besides her very current print, we love Kiara because she flatters every pregnant form. Her elegant design — cinched waist, relaxed skirt, and V neck — can do no wrong on any moms to be. The A-line skirt gives your tummy plenty of room to grow and shapes your silhouette with a broad hem.

And can we talk about this super-sculpting neckline for a second? Kiara’s fitted, surplice neckline tones your bust for a sexy appearance at every stage. We highly recommend turning up the appeal with some bright stones and jewels. If you want some baby shower outfit ideas to inspire you, check out this page here!


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a blond woman wearing a short purple dress with long sleeves

9. Tatiana Long Sleeve Flowy Maternity Dress With Empire Waist

Simple and oh so cute, Tatiana is an easy go-to that you can rely on. We adore this fall baby shower dress because it checks all the boxes for seasonal style. Tati’s got that flowy skirt, the long sleeves, the flattering hem, and a square neckline. To top it off, she pairs perfectly with boots!

Honestly, these are fabulous pregnancy dresses for baby showers any time of the year — summer to winter. Tatiana is understated and versatile, meaning you can style her to fit any season. And with 14 different colors, you can find a shade for every occasion! 


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a woman wearing a blue tie waist gown

10. Gianna Maternity Maxi Empire Tie Waist Dress With V-Neck

Yes, yes, and 1000% yes! Gianna is a long-time favorite, and we can’t even try to play it down. These stylish baby shower dresses make a complete outfit with a gorgeous A-line skirt, cinched waist, V neck, and bow tie!

Gianna is a fall baby shower outfit for moms who like mixing sexy and cute. That V neck (nursing friendly, by the way) is quite deep, and it’s good for sculpting your boobs. The tie detail beneath snatches your waist right where you need it, bringing out your best curves. 

Best of all, this style is totally aligned with fall maternity fashion! The floor-length skirt flows with the breeze, and there are plenty of colors available for the autumn season. We recommend going with wine, red, eggplant, khaki, navy, or even black for a fall baby shower!


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a pregnant woman wearing a maxi color bock maternity dress

11. Annabelle Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Empire Waist

These are perfect pregnancy dresses for baby showers with a theme! Like, maybe a Halloween theme? Just an idea. Point is, Annabelle’s color block print is made to match with your decorations, invitations, children, you name it.

The two-tone design is more than convenient; it also flatters your shape! These stylish maternity dresses divide your figure at the mid-waist, defining your baby bump. The contrast between the fitted bodice and relaxed skirt also highlights your waist (and makes it show well on camera!). 


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a woman wearing a burgundy maternity wrap dress

12. Catalina Flowy Fall Baby Shower Wrap Dress With Tie Waist 

Last but not least, we have our classic Catalina. This fall baby shower dress can fly at any party — daytime, nighttime, casual, or upscale. Catalina can be styled in exactly 756,3956 different ways, so you’ll never run out of looks!

Okay, but what about a fall baby shower? Well, Catalina fits right into this season’s style with her incredibly flowy skirt. If you want to turn up the fall look even more, we recommend pairing her with a long statement necklace or cropped jacket. 


Honestly, these are great pregnancy dresses for baby showers all year; it just depends on the color you choose. We suggest going with an earth tone for your fall shower, like burgundy or navy.


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