Why fall in love with fall? So many reasons! This time of the year is for food, festivities, and family. Well, women also know that when the leaves begin to turn, the closet follows suit — ESPECIALLY if you have a lil one on the way! It’s time to find those fall pregnancy outfits that give you that cozy October feel! The weather is getting chilly, and the nights are growing long, and the last thing you want is to get cold. Is it time for long sleeves? Earth tones? We'd say so! Wrap yourself in the soft, warm, flowy gowns. Drink your decaffeinated chai tea! Your bump is growing and the temps are cooling, so it’s time to turn over a fashion new leaf (pun totally intended) — beginning with the coziest fall maternity dresses.

What's so special about fall maternity dresses? Well, we could publish a book on how fall pregnancy dresses define fall maternity fashion, but in short, it's about comfort. Your baby bump will double in size from August to December, and no other garment will keep you stylish AND comfy like a fall pregnancy dress. And of course, maternity gowns are the cutest pregnancy styles for fall! When flowy fabrics and boots dominate the season, fall maternity dresses are always on-trend. Plus, fall maternity outfits let you go upscale, casual, or layer for days! You'll never run out of beautiful styles!

And if you want baby beauty all year round? It can totally happen, just look at some of these tailor-made pregnancy dresses!

Fabulous news! If you’re shopping for trendy pregnancy styles for fall, you’ve come to the right place. Our maternity fashion editors can help you find the best fall maternity dresses for your closet, according to your personal style. We curated the best fall maternity gowns from our collection so all mothers know can get their autumn wardrobe off to a beautiful start! We chose these fall pregnancy dresses for their quality, flattering design, comfort, and seasonal style! Whether you need a cute staple or a dress to impress, we can suit you with trendy fall pregnancy outfits that shine on you!

Oh, and we know fall is a time for festivities! If you need a warm look for a special celebration, check out these maternity dresses for baby showers!

a woman wearing a burgundy red fall maternity dress called catalina

1. Catalina Maternity Maxi Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

    Burgundy + surplice wrap + flowy skirt = autumn allure! Convenience, coziness, and cutting-edge style are the MO of these fall maternity dresses.

    We love these pretty (and practical!) fall maternity maxi dresses! Catalina is the queen of casual fall maternity fashion. She's flexible, nursing friendly, and designed to flatter every pregnant figure.

    You can style these elegant maternity dresses for any occasion. Want to go  upscale? Add your shiniest chains! For a cas' n' cozy look, wear her with sneakers and a cardigan. Thanks to the stylish V neckline, this long fall maternity gown layers beautifully under coats. Catalina is ready to make so many fall maternity outfits — she's versatile and ready for every mood!

    Also, we can't skip over her beautiful design. The plunging V neckline, cinched empire waist, and elegant skirt all work in harmony to define your shape. This design flatters baby bumps in every trimester, and the gown is ready to bounce back for your postpartum days!

    But the best part of all? Catalina hails from a long line of gorgeous, flowy maternity dresses. If you adore this timeless look, you’ll love a maternity maxi dress


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    a lady wearing a floral maternity dress for the fall

    2. Taylin Ditsy Floral Maternity Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

      The ditsy can do no wrong! Taylin makes our list of fall maternity dresses for her trendy print and cozy style. She makes you feel right at home!


      Taylin can give off homey vibes, but you can certainly wear her anywhere and be a fashionable mom-to be! These fall maternity maxi dresses check ALL the boxes for seasonal style. They're flowy, soft, wrap style, and most of all, COMFY.


      Oh yes, you'll be cozy in these cute fall maternity outfits! Taylin keeps it loose below the waistline for a roomy fit that won't restrict you in any trimester. Still, she's cinched right where you need it (beneath the bust) to bring out your best shape!


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      a woman wearing a lavender maternity dress called poppy

      3. Poppy Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves

        These cute fall pregnancy outfits are mama-approved from June to December! Poppy is one of our favs because of her high low skirt. A high low maternity dress lengthens your legs, making it a lovely choice for petite mamas or any lady who wants to warm up to a midi-length dress!


        The asymmetrical skirt isn't the only thing that gives Poppy her signature flow! This flowy maternity dress is lined with a ruffle hem for an extra cute touch. Add in her wrap V neckline, and you get a fall maternity gown that's cute AND nursing friendly!


        Yes, Poppy is ready for any trimester (including the fourth!). Her relaxed style accommodates baby bumps of any size, and she grows with your body through every stage. If you're carrying high, her empire waistline is especially flattering to your form (separates the bust and baby bump).


        Finally, we can't skip Poppy's adorable floral print. We DEF recommend her in lilac for seasonal fall baby shower outfits! But her cute blooms make her perfect for a summer look too!



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        a woman wearing an off the shoulder maternity dress called delaney

        4. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

          Long sleeves? Off shoulder? Beautiful A-line skirt? Delaney is it! These fall maternity dresses get all of our votes for their balanced and practical design.


          Delaney's folded neckline contours your shoulders to give your upper body a sculpted appearance. Since the strapless design flaunts your shoulders, it gives you the perfect opportunity to show off some sparkly necklaces and earrings. PS: all jewelry shines 10x brighter against your skin!


          The sexy, off the shoulder design is just the beginning, though! With her flowing skirt, Delaney is one of the best fall maternity dresses for photoshoots. The material moves easily and breezily, creating a gorgeous motion effect in all your portraits.


          Photoshoot gowns, holiday outfits, fall baby shower dresses — whatever event is on the calendar, Delaney can make the look. She's a stylish staple that you can rely on in every trimester! 


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          a pregnant woman wearing a strapless floral dress

          5. Maribel Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress With Ruffle Top

          Who said you can't show your shoulders in the fall? Your skin is definitely glowing, and Maribel is that the off the shoulder maternity dress that trends all year long! These fab fall maternity dresses make our list for their sexy bodycon fit and fresh floral print. 


          While fall maternity clothes are often loose and flowy, Maribel breaks tradition with her sleek body-conscious fit. She contours your curves with a breathable spandex material that moves and grows with you, giving you a tailored fit every time. Her strapless design and perfect midi-length (right at the knee!) create a balanced composure.


          Why is Maribel so perfect for fall, though? It's her ruffles! And her ditsy floral, but mostly the ruffles. Ruffles make cute fall pregnancy outfits — bottom line. The frills trend is HUGE in the fall, and Maribel's flounced neckline falls right on point (pun intended). A ruffle maternity dress also adds texture and layers to your look, a major part of fall maternity outfits and fall fashion.  


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          a woman wearing a teal flowy pregnancy dress

           6. Hazel Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Scoop Neck

          You're going to want your camera ready to capture this flow! Hazel is one of our favorite fall maternity dresses for photoshoots because she moves like a breeze. Her flowing A-line skirt, autumn colors, and fitted tank design make her perfect for any maternity photoshoot!

          These pretty maternity dresses combine fitted and relaxed elements to bring out your growing form. Hazel's bodice hugs your curves, yet her skirt is loose and soft to accommodate all baby bumps. This contrast at the mid-waistline flatters a growing tummy.


          But what really steals the show? It's the breezy, maxi-length skirt! This long elegant skirt gracefully clings to your body and floats around the feet, adding grace to your every step. The drifting movement looks incredible in photos — we can't recommend Hazel enough for fall baby shower outfits or other Instagrammable events. 


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          a woman wearing a purple high low dress

          7. Luna Long Sleeve Midi Maternity Dress With Bohemian Cut

          Luna is the picture of fall maternity fashion! Relaxed, loose, and full of flow, she's the coziest fall maternity dress in our collection. These maternity gown dresses are made for chillin' at home with some cocoa, making your favorite holiday cookies, with nothing planned at all. 


          Fall maternity clothes call for two things: comfort and flow. Luna nails both with her easy, seamless design and bohemian style! She honestly feels like a big T-shirt. Her rayon/spandex blend lets her fit all figures with ease, from first trimester to fourth.


          Plus, we LOVE her asymmetrical, jagged skirt! This design is perfect for a maternity midi dress, which can be a tricky style for some mothers. The jagged skirt lengthens the leg, making this midi dress ideal for petite women! 


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          a woman wearing a long tie waist maternity gown

          8. Gianna Maternity Maxi Empire Tie Waist Dress With Tie Waist 

          What that tie waist do? 1) The obvious: Gianna's adorable tie detail makes her one of the cutest fall baby shower dresses of the year. 2) The tie snatches your waist right above your baby bump, bringing out the best of your growing shape!


          Like all fall maternity dresses, Gianna captures the autumn element with a relaxed skirt that blows with the breeze. Her maxi-length, A-line skirt softens your shape and narrows your silhouette in one sweep! The length gives you cozy coverage on chilly days while keeping your fall style on point.


          Speaking of fall maternity style, Gianna comes in 14 different shades — almost all seasonal colors! You can find her in mauve, khaki, burgundy, and more! There's a warm fall tone to fit any mother, and more colors to keep Gianna in your wardrobe all year. For cute fall maternity outfits, we recommend her in navy, wine, or eggplant. 


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          a pregnant lady wearing a teal bodycon pregnancy dress

          9. Aria Maternity Maxi Ruched Evening Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

          Fitted and absolutely fine! Aria is ready for the autumn with her long sleeves and floor-length skirt. These beautiful maternity dresses keep you covered, warm, and contoured.


          Contoured? Definitely! Aria's sleek bodycon fit extends from your shoulders to your toes for a completely sculpted look. Her rayon/spandex blend accents all your curves without squeezing or pinching. Stylish ruching on the hips also works double time to shape your figure. She's one of the smartest body-conscious designs in our collection!


          On top of her bodycon beauty, Aria makes one of the best fall maternity dresses because of her modest coverage. With a long skirt and sleeves, she's on point with winter/autumn style and cozy to boot. 


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          a woman wearing a high low dress

          10. Dahlia High Low Floral Maternity Wrap Dress With V-Neck

          Flowers are your fall mood? Same! If it's not dark rosy beauty, we don't want it. Dahlia is here to satisfy your lust for a floral fall with her dark tones and lush rose print.


          Dahlia may be the most flowy pregnancy dress in our collection with a fashionable high-low skirt. Her asymmetrical skirt lengthens your leg, making her an approved midi-style for petite mothers! These cute fall pregnancy outfits float around you like a cloud, putting your look right on point with fall maternity fashion.


          Just like the flowy design, Dahlia's dark print us in-season for autumn! We def recommend her in black (featured) if you're looking for cute fall baby shower outfits. The red and black tones align with this season's palette.


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