What Are Nursing Bras? Everything You Need To Know As a Mom

What Are Nursing Bras? Everything You Need To Know As a Mom

Your pregnancy will change your body. Weight gain, swollen ankles, stretch marks—you will need to compensate for these new things.

This is where specialized items like maternity or nursing bras can be quite helpful. They provide much-needed support and are handy when you need to breastfeed.

What Is a Nursing Bra?

Nursing bras are designed to support growing breasts during pregnancy. They feature wider straps, soft cotton lining, and extra hooks and eyes on the band. The material easily accommodates changes in size and can help alleviate back pain.

These bras are also great after pregnancy. They come with a slit or drop-down cup that makes breastfeeding a breeze. Most modern options are compatible with various in-bra pumps and milk collectors.

Are Nursing Bras Necessary?

Although not a strict requirement for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, nursing bras are practical accessories that would make many things more manageable.

Because your breasts become much heavier during this period, a nursing bra can provide much-needed support and comfort. The innovative cup designs make it easy to expose the breasts when feeding, making it convenient when you are out of the house.

This support and convenience will make the first few months with a baby much easier.

How To Find the Right Nursing Bra

When shopping for nursing bras, paying attention to the style and size that will suit you best is important. Going up in cup and band sizes is normal during pregnancy, so taking measurements before zeroing in on your product choice will be critical to your continued comfort.

You should also consider the straps. Ensure they are sturdy, as flimsy or thin ones may not be equipped to hold much weight.

Additionally, some nursing bras have underwires, while some do not. If you’re looking for an everyday bra, it’s best to go for one with minimal hardware. They are ideal, as you can sleep in them quite comfortably, making nighttime feedings and midnight pumping a breeze.

Choose The Dairy Fairy

If you are looking for size-inclusive, comfortable nursing bras in various colors, choose The Dairy Fairy. These bras allow for hands-free pumping through flanges and nursing clips. Additionally, you can choose between thick bands, wide straps, or both, so there is something for everyone.

Each design is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to mix things up so you have plenty of options. They wear well underneath all types of maternity clothing, regardless of style or occasion.


Wearing a maternity or nursing bra during and after your pregnancy ensures much-needed comfort and support. These bras are made with superior materials, and the wide bands, drop-down cups, and additional hooks make it easy to breastfeed. They are also compatible with most pumps, so you can complete your chores or rest while hands-free pumping.

Choose The Dairy Fairy for your ultimate maternity needs. These are available in multiple styles, colors, and sizes (from XS to XXL), so there is something for everyone. Choose between thick bands, different straps, and closures—anything that makes breastfeeding easy and convenient for you.