You Won't Believe How These Baby Shower Dresses Transformed These Moms [Goddess Glow on 100!]

You Won't Believe How These Maternity Baby Shower Dresses Transformed These Moms [Goddess Glow on 100!]

You won’t settle, because there’s no compromise. Your baby shower dress must be cute, it must reflect your style, and above all, it must make you shine! Because think about it — you’ve worked so hard to reach this milestone moment. You finally have a baby bump to show for all the anxiety and pregnancy madness. Most importantly, your lil’ one is healthy and you’re on your way to motherhood! So yes, a HUGE celebration is in order. Only the finest baby shower dresses will do on this special day! And that’s exactly why we’re here. 

If you’re on this page, you’re now under our expert maternity fashion guidance, and you’re going to see for yourself the best pregnancy dresses for baby showers

Perhaps you’ve considered some baby shower outfits by now; maybe you don’t have a clue. It’s all good either way! We’re here to show you the baby shower gowns that are worthy of your occasion. After spending a loooong time studying baby shower dresses, our maternity fashion editors identified the styles that put all moms on point. We’re talking goddess baby shower dresses, summer baby shower dresses, and flattering fits all around! Then, they put all these fabulous outfits on this list for you. And yes, we have affordable baby shower dresses for moms who don’t want to break the bank. 

Did you think you’d find trendy designs, durability, and comfort for under $50? Well mommas, now is the time you discovered these maternity dresses.

So come along, take a look at these perfect pregnancy dresses for baby shower beauty, and imagine how they’ll transform you. We’ll share some style tips along the way to help you choose the best gown. And please, please, please remember — you’re going to glow in anything you choose to wear as long as you love it! You’re radiating a beauty that everyone can notice, even if you don’t always see it for yourself. Your confidence and smile will shine the brightest if you’re satisfied with your baby shower outfit. So let these baby shower dress ideas inspire you like they did us, and let’s get you fitted!



a woman wear the red gianna baby shower dress


1. Gianna Maternity Maxi Empire Tie Waist Dress With V-Neck

Out of all the stylish baby shower dresses we reviewed, Gianna is our utmost favorite! See that snatched waist? That flowing skirt? The sexy surplice neckline? She gets ALL of our votes for goddess shower dress of the year!

Baby shower maxi dresses like Gianna are always a fabulous choice because A) they’re timeless, B) the long skirt flatters a growing tummy, and C) there are SO many styles to choose from. Gianna is a fashion-forward choice all year round. You just have to choose the color that best suits you!

Featured here is the red baby shower dress of queens, though there are plenty of shades to pick from. This gorgeous baby shower outfit comes in 14 different colors! There are options for every season, complexion, and taste. 

Besides the year-round beauty, Gianna brings out the best of your pregnant form with a high waistline, tie detail, and sculpting V neck. These features define your waist and baby bump, even adding a sexy touch! This empire waist maternity dress is ideal for mothers who are carrying high.


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woman wearing josie white floral dress


2. Tessa Petite Floral Maternity Dress With V-Neck

Summer shower here we come! This short, sweet floral maternity dress lets your mama beauty blossom with a delicate flower print. We’re loving this spring/summer look — a mother in this cute baby shower outfit shines as bright as the sun!

The knee-length skirt makes these summer baby shower dresses perfect for petite mamas! It also lets you spotlight your fav shoes. Break out your wedges, strappy sandals, or your cutest boots — now is the time to show em’ off. 

The length isn’t the only awesome thing about this floral baby shower dress. The breezy, relaxed style gives your tummy room to grow! More space means this look can stun in every trimester (even the fourth).

Yup, these baby shower gowns can last well past your party! The sexy surplice neckline makes these nursing friendly baby shower dresses for moms who need to breastfeed. The gown also cinches right underneath your bust for the perfect shape!

If you love this bright color as much as we do, you gotta get yourself another white pregnancy dress to shine every day!


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a pregnant lady wearing green and white annabelle dress



3. Annabelle Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Empire Waist

We can do these color blocks all day, everyday! This print is so ready for a party. We can already see the color-coordinated themes and decorations!

Annabelle is the beautiful marriage between fun and sensible maternity fashion. This white baby shower dress comes in 15 different colors (the skirt half, we mean), so you have options to match with your theme! Or your shoes, or your jewelry, or all of it!

Yes, these are the perfect pregnancy dresses for baby showers with a mermaid theme. The color block print isn’t just for making mam mermaids, either. It brings out your shape and shows everyone just where your bump is!

Best of all, this maternity tank dress is super comfy. The sleeveless design makes it best for baby showers in the hot summer sun. The breezy skirt also keeps you cool, gives your tummy room to grow, and softens your silhouette for a flattering fit. 


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a woman wearing the burgundy catalina pregnancy dress



4. Catalina Maternity Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

These are the ultimate maternity dresses for baby shower beauty! We rate this understated, elegant, practical design 10/10. The deep V neck and perfectly placed waist win us over every time.

This baby shower wrap dress flatters growing figures with an empire waistline and sculpting V neckline. The surplice design shapes your bust for a sexy touch, and it makes the dress nursing friendly! Combined with a high cinched waist and flowy skirt, these stylish baby shower dresses show off your baby bump like no other.

How does the design work, exactly? The waistline sits right above your baby bump to separate your bust and tummy, defining your shape. Meanwhile, the V neck keeps your top third bare to create an appealing ⅔ look and direct eyes to your bump. This strategic design works on almost all pregnant forms, though it’s best for mothers with a high bump!


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a woman wearing the mauve delaney maternity gown


5. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

Sexy shoulders! You know you have them, so please show them! If you want that trendy, off-the-shoulder look that every woman is rocking, Delaney is a prime choice.

We love the design of these strapless maternity dresses for many reasons. Firstly, the folded neckline contours your shoulders for a toned, slim look. Since your shoulders are bare, your jewelry will shine 10x brighter! We highly recommend flaunting your iciest dangling earrings and crew necklaces. 

Once again, that flowing maxi-length skirt works magic for your pregnant form. The loose material softens your silhouette for a forgiving fit in every trimester. Loose doesn’t mean baggy, though. The gown is still cinched for shape!

Best of all, you can don these affordable maternity dresses for baby showers with an upscale or casual theme. There are so many ways to dress this look up or down! Pair these maternity gowns with a sunhat and beads for an adventurous outfit or fine jewels and heels for a black-tie event.

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a pregnant woman wearing a denim blue hazel pregnancy gown




6. Hazel Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Scoop Neck

The flow! The comfort! The grace! These goddess baby shower dresses have it all. If you want maternity dresses for baby showers in the summer sun, Hazel is all for you.

We love how the designers placed the waistline in the middle to accommodate mothers carrying high or low! The mixed elements also work hard to bring out your shape. The fitted bodice contrasts with the relaxed skirt for a fashionable effect.

Talking about the bodice, the tank style is so on point for summer and spring showers! The sleeveless, scoop neck sculpts your torso AND helps you beat the heat. Double win! 


Perhaps best of all are your options! Hazel comes in 14 lovely colors. Featured here is the best blue baby shower dress a mother could choose.


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woman wearing red sasha dress



7. Sasha Strapless Maxi Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist

We have another off the shoulder baby shower dress, because who can get tired of this sexy, always-fashionable design? Sasha is simply the best. The ruched bodice, the flowing skirt; she’s perfect! This fitted maternity dress is one for the books. 

The shoulder-baring cut makes this baby shower dress the perfect pair for your finest jewelry. You can create a shiny, upscale look in five minutes! And with 15 shade options, you can wear these pregnancy dresses for baby showers year-round (just cover up when it gets chilly!).

We love how this design can complement all moms, regardless of trimester they’re in or what their bump looks like. The mid-waistline can highlight a low or high bump, while the bare top creates that desirable balance in your look. And of course, the strapless cut makes you look toned AF!


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a woman wearing a purple athena maternity dress



8. Athena Maternity Ruched Bodycon Dress With Scoop Neck

Oh. My. Gosh. These are the ultimate bodycon maternity dresses for baby showers. Fitted and ruched in all the right places, Athena brings out your inner goddess the moment you put her on!

Okay, but specifically? We love how the designers ruched these sexy maternity dresses below the hips to draw attention to your baby bump. This texture effect isn’t just eye-catching; it also shapes your hips! 

On top of the sculpting design, Athena is the perfect length to stun on every single mother. She falls right above the knee, but you can roll her up to show as much leg as you like! You can totally rock some low heels with this look to up the sex appeal even more.

Honestly, you don’t need to add much to this baby shower dress to get the double takes. Athena’s stellar bodycon fit hugs all your curves! Your hips, bust, and lovely baby bump will steal the spotlight (as they should!). 

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lady wearing a magenta melody dress



9. Melody Fitted Maternity Midi Dress With Ruffle Neck

What would this list be without a ruffle maternity dress? This super cute look has a special place in baby shower fashion, and we encourage every mama to embrace it. And if you need some ruffle baby shower dress ideas, Melody is a beautiful gown to start with.

Honestly, the ruffle trend is coming back with a vengeance everywhere, not just in baby shower world. One reason is that this design creates a terrific texture accent that few other styles have! It’s a uniquely feminine fit that grabs attention and creates layers like no other look.

Speaking of layers, see how Melody’s tiered design brings out your form? The ruffle top creates a separation between your bust and tummy for a defined shape! While other cute baby shower outfits emphasize the waist, this stylish maternity midi dress takes the statement up top to highlight your chest.

Yes, we know — maternity midi dresses can give some ladies trouble. Not Melody! These baby shower dresses hit right below the knee, which is the best for both tall and petite women. 


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a woman wearing a purple aria gown


10. Aria Maternity Maxi Ruched Evening Dress With ¾ Sleeves

Aria is fit for queens! These long maternity dresses for baby showers are so elegant we don’t know where to start. The bodycon fit is slimming, sexy, and just so right for this style!

What’s the secret ingredient to this look? It’s the maxi-length combined with the body-conscious design! When the curve-hugging, bump-flaunting fit extends all the way to the floor, your whole silhouette is sculpted to perfection. You’ll move with (comfortable) grace in every step of your celebration!

Also, we love how these baby shower dresses strike a balance between sophisticated and sexy. The scoop neckline and long skirt give you good coverage while the bodycon material flaunts your baby bumps. And this bodycon fabric is outstanding, too!

Made of a durable rayon/spandex blend, these are the best baby shower dresses for moms seeking a comfortable bodycon style. Rayon makes the gowns breathable and prevents them from trapping heat, while the spandex makes them stretch-resistant. 

And of course, these are affordable maternity dresses for baby shower shoppers on a budget. For $24.99, you get quality, comfort, and long-lasting baby beauty.






a lady wearing a blue luna dress



11. Luna Long Sleeve Midi Maternity Dress With Bohemian 

Cozy, cute, with a lil’ twist! This boho maternity dress is the perfect casual look for a laid back shower. We dig the asymmetrical skirt — that flow will float you through your party like you’re on a cloud!

When we were browsing baby shower dress ideas, we got inspiration from the relaxed, flowy looks in the boho closet. This style is not just intriguing; it’s also the most practical for new moms. This baby shower dress fits and feels just like a T-shirt, and it expands with your tummy through every trimester.














a woman wearing a red tatiana dress



12. Tatiana Long Sleeve Flowy Maternity Dress With Empire Waist

Short and sweet! Tatiana is too cute with her swingy skirt. These petite maternity dresses for baby showers add bounce to your every step, and we can’t get enough. 

The magic of these baby shower dresses lies in their perfect length! Falling right above the knee, they can work wonders on tall and short women (but especially petite mothers). This short length and breezy skirt make these the perfect spring baby shower dresses.

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