In an outrageous world where bras cost more than a week’s worth of groceries, moms must save money where they can. And every mom-to-be already knows this. That’s why cheap maternity clothes fly off the racks faster than you can down a milkshake. But the wise woman in you also knows that you often pay another price for bargain maternity outfits. Did that tunic already stretch out? Your new leggings shrank after one wash? Mhmm. Finding durable, stylish, and affordable pregnancy clothes can feel like hunting unicorns. Well, our maternity fashion experts would like to report that today they have the unicorns: these bomb maternity dresses under $30. 

Now, you've probably heard that saying, “you get what you pay for.” This wise advice spares us plenty of trouble. But whoever came up with that lame (wise) saying can sit down for one second because these elegant pregnancy dresses give you MORE than what you pay for. These beautiful maternity dresses flatter your figure in every trimester ('cause’ they’ll last through every trimester), AND they’re fairly priced. Many are nursing friendly, camera-approved, and ready for your modern mom life — and all under $30. Is the mess and stress of your baby budget solved? We’d say so! And thank the stars, because right now, your money is better spent on very essential things like your maternity shoot or baby shower.

Oh, did you need a dress for your baby bash? Our maternity boutique has you covered with a gorgeous selection of baby shower dresses.

Yeah, if you’re starting to feel like the world is just a depot of designer ads and you’re living in it, you’re right. But it seems the designers in the maternity fashion corner have upped their game, and we had to say something. We know how risky it is shopping for cheap maternity dresses! If you’re browsing online sales, you can end up with cheap pregnancy dresses that look nothing like the picture. Other maternity gowns might be thin as paper and practically worthless. Who knows where to buy maternity dresses that last more than two months and don’t cost half your wallet?

We think it's time for you to browse some of our fav maternity dresses


a woman wearing a royal blue gianna maternity dress

1. Gianna Tie Waist Maternity Maxi Dress With V-Neck

     Tie waist? Flowing skirt? Plunging V neckline? It’s a 100% yes from us! These beautiful maternity dresses bring out your inner goddess instantly. 

    We can’t resist a maternity maxi dress, especially not one with a pleated, elegant skirt like this. The floor-length skirt softens your silhouette and adds grace to your every step!

    If you love this soft, gorgeous style as much as we do, you must check out our pregnancy maxi dresses


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    a woman wearing a burgundy delaney pregnancy dress

     2. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

      Show those sweet shoulders! This long sleeve maternity maxi dress is right on point with this year’s trends (off-the-shoulder flys every time). It’s one of our summertime favs because it lets the sun kiss your skin. 

      Since this flowy maternity dress bares your shoulders, it lets you flaunt your finest jewelry! This strapless design makes breastfeeding a breeze, making these nursing friendly dresses. The folded neckline also contours your upper body to give you a sexy, slim look. 


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      a lady wearing a red catalina dress

       3. Catalina Maternity Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

      We absolutely adore this pretty, everyday look! Catalina is hands-down one of the best casual maternity dresses. These nursing friendly dresses are durable and guaranteed to complement every pregnant figure.

      How is it possible? The secret is the spandex/rayon blend, which allows the dress to conform to your body comfortably. This stretch-resistant material ensures these maternity gown dresses keep their shape, even through the tugging and pulling of breastfeeding!


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      a lady in a blue hazel dress



      4. Hazel Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Scoop Neck

        These maternity summer dresses are fit for royalty! Flow, taste, and timeless grace are all part of the package. Hazel is a dress for summer queens. 


        We love how the tank design sculpts your torso for a lean appearance. The low scoop neckline gives this maternity tank dress a sexy touch, letting your collar and bust steal the spotlight. 


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        a lady wearing a white sasha pregnancy gown


         5. Sasha Strapless Maxi Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist

          Sasha is just sublime. The strategic waistline, the ruched details, the strapless design — it all works! This maternity sundress will become your new spring/summer go-to in a heartbeat. 


          Firstly, we love how the mid-waist can flatter moms carrying low or high. Because these cute pregnancy dresses evenly divide your torso, they compliment all growing tummies. This means your bump will always look fine whether it sits closer to your hips or breasts!


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          a lady in a blue melody maternity gown

          6. Melody Fitted Maternity Midi Dress With Ruffle Neck

            If this super cute look has its own melody, we’re singing it. This ruffle maternity dress is a fashion-forward choice year-round, and it stuns on camera! The flounce neckline adds texture to your photos while the dress hugs your curves. 


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            a woman in a black aria gown

             7. Aria Maternity Maxi Ruched Evening Dress With ¾ Sleeves

              If you aren’t flexing this fancy fit at your next ball, what did you leave the house wearing? These beautiful maternity dresses strike the perfect balance between sophisticated and sexy. We are head over heels for their chic, understated beauty.

              These sexy pregnancy dresses flaunt all your lovely baby bumps while keeping it modest. Their flexible, body-conscious style magically hugs your curves and not your problem areas! These are the best maternity dresses for growing mothers because they adjust to your shape for a perfect fit.


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              a lady in a magenta athena dress




              8. Athena Maternity Ruched Bodycon Dress With Scoop Neck

                Now, THIS is the body-conscious style we’re after. Ruched, modest, and practical, this pregnancy bodycon dress flaunts your goddess curves AND keeps you comfy. You become one with these sexy pregnancy dresses as soon as you put them on, but they don’t cling or restrict your movement.


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                a woman in a blue and white annabelle dress


                9. Annabelle Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Empire Waist

                  Adorable color blocks meet sensible summer style! This flowy pregnancy dress wins our hearts with its fun, photo-worthy print. You can match these colorful baby shower dresses to your theme or even the props in your maternity photoshoot.

                  Teal and white? Or purple and white? This white maternity maxi dress comes in 15 different shades. Umm, choosy much? We love it! And you’re going to love styling this gown. We highly recommend wearing stones that match the skirt!


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                  a woman wearing a red luna dress

                  10. Luna Long Sleeve Midi Maternity Dress With Bohemian Cut

                    Want a cozy, boho maternity dress for the fall? These pretty maternity dresses are all for you! Luna rocks a flowy, alternative look with her asymmetrical skirt. 

                    These maternity gown dresses are super comfy with long sleeves, but their flow puts them on our list of favs! Luna’s relaxed, jagged skirt adds unbelievable movement to your photos, even if you’re staying still! This maternity photoshoot dress is ideal for any outdoor shoot. You’ll appear as if you’re floating on a cloud in every pic!


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                    a lady wearing a red tatiana maternity dress




                    11. Tatiana Long Sleeve Flowy Maternity Dress With Empire Waist

                      Sweet and petite! Tatiana is so cute with her dainty mini skirt. These short maternity dresses are the perfect addition to your fall/summer wardrobe. 

                      The best feature of this maternity mini dress is its just-right length! Falling right around the knee, this dress flatters both tall and short mothers. Actually, we’re being modest — this dress is a godsend for petite women who tend to get swallowed by longer gowns.

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                      a woman in a blue camila gown



                      12. Camila Fitted Long Sleeve Maternity Dress With Side Slit

                        These are the casual pregnancy dresses you wish you could wear everyday. Well, honestly, you could! Camila is so comfy n’ cute that it’s hard to take her off. She’s a reliable staple that will get you through your pregnancy with ease!


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                        This is a style for chillin’ at home, though you can dress it up or down with the right accessories. Wear it with warm leggings for a cozy fall look or knee boots and necklaces for more flair. These womens maternity dresses come in 15 colors, so you can grab a couple for all your fashion moods!


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