Gold Maternity Dresses

We all want to shine every day. Right now, as you carry your baby, you’re shining brighter than Polaris! The perfect piece to complement this glow? A gold maternity dress that sets fire to all your dazzling tones.

Gold has a way of bringing out your natural palette. It makes your eyes glisten, your hair glow, and the color in your face pop. Think we’re exaggerating? Try on a gold dress for yourself and see.

A gold maternity dress will enhance your natural beauty while creating a radiant and luxurious look akin to a goddess. For an even more contemporary shine, you can go with a rose gold maternity dress and let the rosy undertones work their magic.

We want to share some tips to help you make the most of your golden glow. Let’s explore the glistening glory of the gold maternity dress!

How to Style a Gold Maternity Dress

Fantastic news! Your gold maternity dress is in style any time of the year. It suits every occasion, and the compliments are going to pour in each time you wear it. But, let’s talk accents for a second.

No matter what style you’re rocking, baby shower or maternity bodycon, gold glows with:

Consider these colors when you’re choosing your accessories. Any jewelry, purses, or shoes in these shades are going to look beyond gorgeous with your gold dress.

Now, pairing red or blue with your gold maternity dress can create a holiday look. If it’s not December or January though, you might want to be careful about the shades you choose. You don’t want to look festive out of season.

For jewelry, you can never go wrong with gold and silver! Try some crystal earrings for an extra glistening effect. Pearls also create a beautiful and timeless look.

If you have a warmer skin tone, pairing gold jewelry with your gold dress is spectacular — you are literally dripping in gold and couldn’t look any more expensive. Ruby, sapphire, and emerald stones add that touch of color to make everything pop.

How to Style a Rose Gold Maternity Dress

If you’re looking for a spring maternity dress, then rose gold is especially on point for the season! Actually, a rose gold maternity dress is on point any time. This shade is super feminine and has gained so much popularity over the years that every designer is putting it to use.

Honestly, we can see what all the rage is about! A rose gold maternity dress works on every complexion, warm or cool. It looks good with floral prints, sequins, sparkles, you name it. The right rose gold strikes a fabulously upscale look that no other color can beat.

So now that we’ve gushed enough, here’s what you do if you get your hands on a rose gold maternity dress.

- Put shine on it. Add silver or gold jewelry to make the look gleam. The shade can go with either metal, but you MUST wear metal jewelry with this dress. Leather and beads will not do.

- Wear a metallic shoe. Again, this adds more clean shine to your look. Your shoes don’t need to sparkle per se (it would be best if they didn’t actually), but a reflective gold or silver shoe makes the most of this shade. Nude tones and white are also safe choices.

- Make it two-toned. This shade is gorgeously accented with silver, gold, pink, or white. If you can get a jacket or purse in one of these colors, it would look stellar. 

Final Thoughts - Gold Maternity Dress

A gold maternity dress can is a fashion-forward choice that will take your look up several notches. Whether you do rose gold or classic gold is all up to you, but we promise you’ll stun either way.

So, are you ready to be wrapped in gold? We certainly hope so! When you’re carrying new life, you’re a valuable gift yourself. We think it’s time to dress accordingly!