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Our selection of beautiful maternity dresses are available in every size to satisfy your needs regardless of what trimester you’re in!

If you’re searching for maternity dresses, you likely have one on the way. We would like to offer our congratulations! Pregnancy can be exhilarating, overwhelming, petrifying — probably even a little sickening (okay, maybe more than a little). But cut through all the burning emotions and sensations and you’re still you.

Yes, pregnancy comes with change. When your diet, lifestyle, body, and the way society perceives you all shift in a span of weeks, it can feel like a felony identity theft. Rest assured you’re still there, buried beneath the baby toys, developing the best future for you and your little one.

Our goal is to dig mothers up, to help them reconnect with themselves during this radical shift. Because the truth? No amount of hormones, cramps, bloat, fatigue, or sleepless nights can defeat that determined woman. Your image and fashion CAN stand strong in the face of your changing world.

How to Dress as a Pregnant Woman

A mama-in-the-making is best dressed in maternity outfits that suit her taste and figure. Now, choosing to wear maternity clothes DOESN’T mean giving up style. Cue our line of chic, beautiful maternity dresses.

You already make enough sacrifices as a new mother; you don’t need to surrender your femininity, comfort, or allure. We’re here to help you find maternity wear that makes you feel beautiful while you rock that bump and pine for caffeine.

Whether you want a casual long-sleeve look, a glow-up for the baby shower, or a statement for a special occasion, we got you. No, you won’t be strapped for colors or sizes, and you won’t need to fret over price. We offer a range of styles that fit every budget and bump.

How to Dress During Pregnancy Without Maternity Clothes

You look good in whatever you choose to wear as long as the clothes make you feel confident, comfortable, and most importantly, like yourself.

Now, the problem many pregnant women face is that at a certain point (typically around weeks 13-20), their regular clothes stop serving that purpose. The hips widen, the uterus grows, and the bump blooms! This is lovely to see, but not so wonderful for the waistband of the jeans.

So, what are the options for a growing tummy? If you go the non-maternity route, you may size up in your regular clothes. This isn’t the perfect solution, as the rest of your body doesn’t expand like your belly, but you can make it work with alterations. Belly bands, which are flexible garments worn around the waist, can provide back and joint support while improving the fit of non-maternity clothes.

Or, you could forget that trouble and buy clothes designed to accommodate your baby bump! Since they’re cut proportionally, pregnancy clothes are more comfortable than non-maternity clothes, especially during the later stages when your belly is at max capacity.

What is a Maternity Dress?

A maternity dress is just what it sounds like: a dress, feminine and stylish, that’s tailored to fit a round belly. Womens maternity dresses are the preferred option for expectant mothers because they flatter a blooming belly and keep the wearer comfortable without sacrificing style.

If you want to see some examples, you can browse an array of beautiful maternity dresses right here on our site! Here’s a taste of our extraordinary options:

  • Maxi Dresses - For that “classic beauty” aesthetic, you can never go wrong with a maxi dress. These flowing, perfectly tailored dresses drape your body in sensationally smooth cloth, accentuating your bump in all the right ways. The result is a clean, graceful look that suits every occasion.
  • Bodycon Dresses - If you’re bumpin’ and curvy and not afraid to show it, our line of body contouring dresses is for you. These form-fitting dresses hug your blooming bod’ and bring out your motherly form.
  • Long Sleeve Dresses - Casual and cute, our long sleeve dresses keep you comfortable while allowing you to express your style. You can dress this look up or down and accessorize to the max! Perfect for day outings and events.

Almost all maternity stores sell dresses, but the best selections (and most budget-friendly) come from online vendors. We’re one of the top merchants for maternity dresses because we offer a gorgeous variety that other stores can’t begin to match!

How Are Maternity Dresses Different?

Womens maternity dresses have a bit more length and fabric around the waist. Most dresses will also have elastic in the waistline to accommodate more growth. All other parts of the garment, like the bust and sleeves, have regular proportions.

These features result in a comfortable, well-fitting dress that flatters your changing body! Maternity dresses look and feel divine, partly because they don’t fit tight. When your clothes aren’t squeezing the life out of you (no pun intended), you can smile and radiate that positive energy you’re now fabled to have.

In fact, the loose fit of maternity clothes is better for your condition, as tight clothing can restrict blood circulation and movement. These constraints can lead to digestive issues and even fungal/yeast infections in the genital area. That’s unacceptable for your baby’s home, don’t you think?

Why Do I Need a Maternity Dress?

We could write a book about why you need a maternity dress, but to keep it short, think comfort and special occasions. Your life doesn’t pause when you become pregnant, so why should your fashion? And with pregnancy being a tremendous milestone in your life, the events and celebrations will keep coming.

To start, you might kick off your family journey with a baby shower. This day is crucial not because of the bountiful presents (though that’s awesome), but because it celebrates your transition to motherhood!

We want our mothers-to-be to set the tone for their new role on this day, to express their most confident selves. That’s why we decided to sew a colorful variety of baby shower dresses — not just one or two. Plus, we offer a rainbow of colors to suit your mood:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green

  • Honestly, where does it end? After the baby shower comes the gender reveal, and then maybe a maternity photoshoot sprinkled somewhere in between. There are several occasions to dress for maternity success, but never forget that your attire is all for you. Pretty maternity dresses are there to elevate your esteem, image, and comfort.

    How to Dress Fashionably During Pregnancy

    There are only two rules to remember if you want to look effortlessly sexy in pregnancy clothes: flatter your form and honor your style.

    Without all the personal elements that turn your fits’ into a signature look, maternity clothing can look generic and uninspired. You must choose unique maternity dress clothes that speak to your personality and style. That’s where we step in to help!

    Whether you want to flaunt the bump with a bodycon look or go boho with a maxi style, we offer trendy maternity dresses that express your authentic taste.

    Plus, our dresses can flatter your bump at every stage of your pregnancy! There is no belly too round, wide, or convex to shine in a beautiful maternity dress. Let’s dive into some tips for dressing your form throughout your journey.

    How to Dress in Early Pregnancy

    During your first trimester, you may actually want to downplay your proportions. We say this because you may not be showing a proper baby bump yet, but your body will have grown in other ways (code: it’s common to put on some pounds).

    So, since you’re not really “showing” yet, the goal is to maintain your normal look while minimizing any bloating or extra pounds. You can do this by ditching the tight clothes and befriending relaxed tops. Empire-waisted tops, wrap shirts, and even beautiful maternity dresses can all flatter your silhouette during your first few weeks as a mother-in-the-making.

    For pants, you may keep wearing what you usually do with the addition of a belly band for extra stretch and comfort. Don’t be afraid to keep them unbuttoned! That’s what the belly band is for. With the addition of a long, flowing top (but nothing tent-like), no one will know a thing.

    How to Dress in The Second Trimester

    Start week 13, and you probably have a bump that draws your girlfriends’ envy. The problem is that you’re growing out of sizes every other week, and you don’t have the money to keep visiting the maternity boutique! The solution? Clothes that grow with you.

    Now is the time to invest in adjustable pieces like tie-backs, buttons, wraps, and anything with decent elastic. Trendy maternity dresses can spice up your wardrobe while keeping you comfy until the end of your term. Your bust will also be quadrupling in size, so durable maternity bras and V-necks will be a godsend during these weeks.

    As your hips and abdomen continue to expand, you can expect to wear legging more often. Thankfully, you can dress black leggings up or down for a casual or formal look. Maternity jeans can also flatter your figure and support your bump.

    How to Dress For Third Trimester of Pregnancy

    When you’re about to pop, finding comfort in ANYTHING you wear might be a daily struggle. At this point, womens maternity dresses are going to be your go-to. Maternity dresses are breathable and won’t restrict any part of your body, so they provide ultimate comfort during this incredibly uncomfortable time.

    You’ll probably live in leggings, and that’s okay. Tunics and pretty maternity dresses go great over leggings. Mix and match! This may seem like a far simpler shade of your former style, so go ahead and accessorize with chic jewelry.

    How to Dress After Pregnancy

    The biggest challenge of postpartum fashion may not be clothes, but finding the time and energy to put together a look when you have a newborn. Don’t worry — there are hacks.

    • Nursing Clothes - Nursing tops can be quite stylish and comfy! Nursing clothes have also come a long way since dull beginnings. We recommend investing in tank tops and bras that allow for quick and painless (if ever) breastfeeding.
    • Fit Your Form - Your body just downsized considerably, but your wardrobe doesn’t quite match. You don’t want to buy new clothes since your figure is still changing, so dig up some older pieces that are closest to the shape you have now.
    • Accessorize - Understandably, it may be hard to find a single piece that fits the way it should. That’s why accessories are your best friend. Distract people from your transitioning form! And remember, this is only a temporary stage.
    • Keep it Clean - We recommend clean, uncomplicated looks that keep your silhouette simple. Add shapewear underneath classic outfits and rock it. Avoid tight materials and opt for softer fabrics that fall over your body — they add less weight.

    Where to Buy the Best Maternity Dresses

    It’s not hard to find maternity stores and maternity websites in this decade, but discovering quality and style at a reasonable price is a whole other story. Luckily for you, you’re already on the page that can point you towards stunning womens maternity dresses.

    We can offer beautiful maternity dresses at a lower price than your local maternity boutique because we are the manufacturer! That means we source the fabric, and we don’t pay someone else to make the clothes for us — we do it ourselves.

    Other pregnancy clothing stores have to pay separate parties to produce their clothes, and they pass this middle-man cost onto consumers. Not us! Since we run the whole operation ourselves, we can make high-quality clothes at a lower cost than our competitors.

    Not to mention, we offer a VAST variety that other merchants can only dream of!

    What Stores Sell Maternity Dresses

    If you don’t want to wait for a dress to ship to you, you can always check local shops. Some large retail chains carry maternity dresses, though you’re going to find a very limited selection.

    Many women will tell you that walking through the maternity clothing section is kind of like going to REI. You see racks of dull tents that are supposed to qualify as clothes. While you might find one product in a retail store, you can browse a wider selection in maternity online stores.

    Plus, who wants to get ready, get in the car, and drive when there’s a baby on the way? We say save the trip, stay home in your comfy slippers, and buy a BETTER dress on the Internet.

    Where to Buy Maternity Dresses Near Me

    If you’re really determined to find womens maternity dresses in-store, you can always type “maternity dresses near me” into your web browser and look through the results. Or, you can use Google Maps to find trendy maternity dresses in the wild:

    1. Open Google Maps on your mobile device
    2. Find your current location (if it’s not already set) by tapping the arrow on the bottom righthand pane
    3. Type “maternity dresses” in the search bar at the top
    4. Hit “Enter”
    5. Filter through the results and select the store you want to visit

    This method may lead you to pregnancy stores that sell a selection of nursing wear and breastfeeding clothes on top of maternity dresses. Other maternity stores might offer various helpful products but no dresses. It doesn’t hurt to call the business first and check if they sell what you want.

    You can find loads of trendy, elegant maternity dress clothes if you know where to look. Pretty maternity dresses are just a click away on this site — no car ride required!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Maternity Dresses

    What Do You Wear Under A Maternity Dress?

    Maternity support shorts and shapewear can make you comfortable while smoothing your form. Most products will cover from the waist to the mid-thigh, supporting and shaping your entire pelvic region. They prevent thigh chafing too! You can wear these garments underneath regular or pregnancy clothes with little issue as long as you find the right size.

    What Size Maternity Dress Should I Buy?

    We offer all of our dresses in small, medium, large, and extra large. Your maternity dress clothes size is the same as your pre-pregnancy size. So if you wore a medium before you became pregnant, then a medium size dress should be the one for you.

    What Shoes Do You Wear With Maternity Dresses?

    Comfort and stability are the keys to pregnancy footwear. You want a pair of shoes with decent arch support and fantastic sole traction to prevent slips (and perhaps memory foam for extra cushion!). We recommend loafers, sneakers, sandals, and low-heel boots. You can stick to the brands you know and love, just ensure the shoes are easy to walk in.

    How to Dress For A Pregnancy Photo Shoot

    You need a gorgeous, floor-length maternity dress for photoshoots! The dress should bring out your silhouette. Look for one that is tight up top (just above your bump) and flares out over your waist. This will accentuate your form! Avoid very dark colors and busy patterns since those will make the bump harder to see. Solid colors, textures, and simple patterns are beautiful on camera.

    How to Dress to Hide a Pregnancy

    If you’re not ready to show the world your bump, you can always downplay your proportions with various garments. The following can obscure a rounded belly:

  • Peplum tops (the kind of blouse with a flare at the waist)
  • Large jackets
  • Busy patterns
  • Layers
  • Ruffles
  • Dresses and skirts with strategic waistlines

  • Keep on the outerwear — vests, baggy sweaters, and blazers also conceal a bump better than you think.

    Can You Wear a Maternity Dress if You’re Not Pregnant?

    Sure! What’s stopping you? Our beautiful maternity dresses can look stunning on any woman, regardless of whether they’re pregnant or not. Plus, they’re super-duper-extra comfy and ready to fit a belly. If you found yourself at a party faced with an outrageous amount of cake, and you somehow ate all of it, then a maternity dress would be your best friend. Food babies, real babies — it doesn’t make a difference here.