Poppy | Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves In Blue

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Florals must flow, and no other maternity midi dress can drift like Poppy! Her high low skirt (lined with a ruffle hem!) makes your steps float like you're walking on a cloud. This asymmetrical skirt also lengthens your legs, making this midi-style best for petite mamas! Poppy's blue floral print puts you on point with colorful pastel shades — the seasonal palette for any spring or maternity summer dress. Oh, and she's ready for those warm months too! Her waist and skirt are relaxed, letting her shed heat like last year's leggings. With a wrap neckline and flexible material, Poppy is down for every step of your journey — from first trimester to fourth.


Recommended for:

  • Warm weather wear - loose fit + sleeves = sun protection and breathability
  • Postpartum / 4th trimester - this maternity wrap dress is nursing friendly!
  • Petite moms - a high low maternity dress adds height to small mothers