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Dresses that takes maternity joy to the next level with its soft, stretchy fabric, and nursing-friendly neckline. Dress it up or keep it casual!

Being pregnant does not mean that you can’t be fashionable.

Far from it. We have all kinds of maternity dresses that will show your own personal style while you show off your baby bump. They come in all different patterns and colors that are as varied as the people who are pregnant - our dresses are available in nearly every color out there, from red to purple. There is something for everyone. You can feel comfortable while also knowing that you look good wearing these.

At Maternity, we have something for every different style of dress that you would want to wear while you are out and about. We carry things that are also going to be comfortable to wear. The material is both durable and stretchy. That way, you will be able to move around without fear of anything ripping or constricting you. The dresses are easy to wash and keep clean, too.

Celebrate with a curated selection of the most chic and stylish maternity dresses for your baby shower. No matter the seasons, you’re sure to find a fashion-forward pick that suits your personal styling preferences, and your growing bump!

Maxi Dresses

You can find many different styles, ranging from ditsy floral to tropical to floral. Our selection is from the best designers on the market, including Taylin, Felise, Eloise, Eva, and Alexandra. Their dresses can accommodate all the changes occurring to your body, including your waistline. The colors are vibrant and eye-catching. The dresses themselves are useful, with pockets. You will love not only the colors and designs, you will be smitten by the prices, which are quite affordable. 

Bodycon Dresses

These are dresses that will conform to the shape of your body. This is because the dresses use a comfortable spandex blend that will look great on you no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in - first, second, or third trimester. You won’t have to worry about these dresses squeezing you, bunching up, or clinging to you. These dresses will form a perfect contour of your body. You will love how you look with the low scoop necklines, midi-length and ¾ sleeves. It doesn’t matter whether you are tall or short, either. 

Midi Dresses

You will love how these dresses, whatever length you choose - from right below the knee to right above your ankle. We have many different styles, and one or more of them is bound to fit you perfectly. These dresses will flow and allow you to move around however you want. There are some asymmetrical ones that will be excellent to lengthen your legs, which is great if you are petite. These dresses can also stretch and keep you feeling comfortable in hot weather. Check out our selection today! 

Wrap Dresses

Our wrap dresses are made for women of all sizes. You will love how your curves look.  There are some wrap dresses that combine with Maxi style and there are others that stand alone. Our wrap dresses have different styles, including ditsy ones. There are nursing-friendly V-necks. The dresses also emphasize form and balance, including Empire waists and flowy skirts. You will feel completely relaxed in these dresses and also very comfortable, no matter what trimester you have reached in your pregnancy. If you are carrying high, this will be great to flatter your baby bump. 

Long Sleeve Dresses

These dresses are perfect for chilly weather or being indoors with air conditioning. The material is easy on your skin and there are some dresses with ruching to bring a chic look to the baby bump. These dresses are generally made primarily with Rayon and a small amount of spandex and are usually high-necked, though there are some flowy ones with a lower neck, if that is what you like to wear, along with an Empire waist. 

Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

Sometimes you feel like wearing dresses that show off both your shoulders and your baby bump. We have a wide variety of off-the-shoulder dresses that will have you feeling ultra feminine and graceful. Our strapless dresses are excellent for mommies with low bumps. These dresses are both strong and flexible while also sculpting your form. There are dresses with ruffled necklines for that extra bit of fashionable flair. No need to worry about being comfortable wearing them. 

Not only do we have great choices, we have free shipping on all dresses sitewide. That is one less thing you have to stress about when it comes to ordering from us. Our dresses come in all sizes, from small to extra large. There is a perfect match for you. Are you shopping for a baby shower? Then take a look at our selection of baby shower dresses, too. We have all kinds of Mommy clothing here. 

Do you have any questions that you have not seen answered here on the site? Feel free to contact us. We are glad to answer anything you may ask. Then you can enjoy buying the perfect maternity dress for you to wear either at home or while you are out.