three women wearing gender reveal dresses

10 Gender Reveal Dresses You Must See to Believe!

You’re on this page, shopping for a gender reveal dress, because you’re about to throw the most outrageous party! Or maybe a chill get-together. Either way, your gender reveal outfit is the spotlight of this celebration, so you need something cute! And preferably… pink? Blue? White? Honestly, there are no hard rules. You just need to step into something that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and above all, like you! And that’s exactly what our maternity fashion editors are here for. They know how to find the perfect gender reveal dress for moms in every trimester, and they’re ready to get you styled!

So, are you expecting a boy? A girl? Don’t care for the labels? It’s all good here, because we have pink and blue gender reveal dresses for every celebration. Oh, and white gender reveal dresses, and even black ones, too! Because we don’t believe in those silly rules, remember? We know our moms might want to save their tell-all color for the end or go with their own theme. These parties are a personal celebration, so your choice of attire is all up to you! We’re happy to provide you with stylish maternity gowns that offer a fun, flattering look and vibrant color to match. 

Flattering styles? Vibrant colors? If you want that and more, look at these maternity dresses!

Okay okay, so you’re probably ready to see these gender reveal party dresses for real. Our editors selected the best pregnancy dresses from our collection, based upon their trendy looks and party-approved colors. Each gown is made to last with durable materials (first trimester to forever!) AND they’re downright fun to wear. We made sure to include a diverse range of maternity dresses to satisfy every mama’s fashion taste, whether you prefer 'em sexy and fitted or relaxed and breezy. 

So, without further ado, here are our best gender reveal dresses! That link takes you to the whole collection; the best picks are below.

1. Alexandra Gender Reveal Maternity Sundress With Pockets in Pink

Here is THE gender reveal party dress for your summer bash! Strapless, sexy, and adorably printed, Alexandra delivers all the fun vibes for a mom in the making. Plus, she’s cozy as can be!

Yes, this gender reveal maxi dress is best for your new baby girl! If you’re into the dress code, this pink maternity dress is the thing for your girl’s party!

Alexandra is flexible for your maternity comfort. The bodice hugs your curves above the waist (perfectly snatched!), and the elastic material lets the dress grow through each trimester. Alexandra’s off the shoulder design flatters EVERY mother by flaunting the collar and sculpting the chest. Say hello to a beautiful, feminine look!


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2. Annabelle Maternity Gender Reveal Maxi Dress With Empire Waist

Annabelle is our favorite gender reveal outfit because she’s made for mixing and matching! Her two-tone, color block print gives you sooo many opportunities for accessorizing. And we’re not only talking about jewelry, either. You can match this gender reveal dress to your decorations, invitations, your dog, anything you like! She comes in 14 different color options, so you can let your creativity run wild.

Annabelle is super fun to style — there’s no doubt about that. She’s also one of the most beautiful gender reveal dresses in our collection with a gorgeous flowing skirt, mid waistline, and fitted tank top. These features work together to accent your growing curves and define your figure. We especially love the relaxed, A-line skirt. It’s roomy, breezy, and perfect for any growing tummy. 


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3. Athena Maternity Ruched Bodycon Dress With Scoop Neck

Fitted and flirty! Athena was our very first maternity bodycon dress, and she still remains a favorite to this day. She checks all the boxes for a chic party style: curve-hugging fit, short hem, and stylish ruched seams. These pink and blue gender reveal dresses come in 14 different shades, so there is a color for every gender and celebration!

Athena’s spandex/rayon blend cradles your curves for a sleek, sculpted fit every time. She never clings too tight — her smart bodycon fabric knows how to define your shape without squeezing! Since this fitted maternity dress has no waistline, it suits ALL baby bumps (especially mothers carrying low!). Rock Athena with some safe heels or wedges, and you’ll have a sexy party look that can carry you through any event.


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4. Josie Ditsy Floral Maternity Dress With Short Sleeves

Pink, blue, black, or white! Our Josies are the perfect maternity dresses for gender reval party in the spring. Her mini skirt and cute floral print are on point with warm weather styles — now all you need is the cake and gender reveal powder!

We love Josie because she is the ideal gender reveal dress for moms on the petite side. Her short, relaxed skirt falls above the knee, lengthening your legs. The high waistline also balances your growing figure by separating your bust and tummy. And with a sexy, nursing friendly neckline, Josie is the perfect gender reveal maternity dress for any mama who wants to keep it cute!


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5. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

Need a gender reveal outfit for your fall/winter party? Meet Delaney! Her long sleeves and skirt make a gorgeous winter style, while her sexy strapless design makes her irresistible! And yes, she comes in 14 different colors (including pink and blue).

Honestly, we don’t even know where to start with this stunning gender reveal dress. What steals more spotlight, the flowing A-line skirt or the folded neckline? Both features make Delaney stand out from the rest of our collection! The strapless neckline contours your shoulders for a lean, sculpted look while the skirt softens your shape. 

Did you know that Delaney’s relaxed, flowy design also makes her a fantastic maternity photoshoot dress?


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6. Hazel Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With A-Line Skirt

Hazel is our latest and greatest gender reveal maternity dress for formal events! Her elegant, floor-length skirt is undeniable. Turn the glam up to 100!


We love this look because A) it’s timeless, B) it flatters ALL body types, and C) it works in every season! This gender reveal maxi dress gives you a gorgeous silhouette, regardless of what stage you’re at. Hazel’s mid waistline, pleated skirt, and tank bodice are to thank for a flattering fit.

This gender reveal dress defines your waist by contrasting a relaxed skirt with a fitted bodice. Even better, the waistline sits in the middle of the gown! Why is this a plus? Mid waist maternity dresses can flatter mothers who are carrying high or low, where empire waist gowns are better suited for mothers with a high bump.


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7. Gianna Maternity Maxi Empire Tie Waist Dress With V-Neck

You’re the queen of surprises; that’s why you’re wrapped with a bow! Gianna is the perfect maternity dress for a gender reveal. Her adorable design comes complete with a tie, decorating your baby bump just like a present.

This maternity dress is definitely on trend for a gender reveal, though Gianna is a favorite far beyond the party! Her design is all-around trendy and flattering. The deep V neckline shapes your bust, and the empire waist snatches your figure at the perfect spot. It’s pink and blue dress gender reveal perfection!

Speaking of colors, Gianna comes in 14 different camera-worth shades. If pink and blue aren’t your thing, you’ll have no problem finding a color to suit you. Check out her page for some gender reveal dress ideas.


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8. Gigi Fitted Floral Maternity Maxi Dress With Side Slit

Gigi is our #1 head-turner and the best gender reveal dress for moms who want to show it off! Her sleek, curve-hugging fit showcases your baby bump (and bangin’ bod’) the way a bodycon dress should (read: not too tight). The best part, though? She comes in pretty pink and blue shades — all decorated with a floral design!

This gender reveal party dress makes our list for its glamorous design. Gigi’s body-conscious fit extends from the shoulders to the hips to flaunt all your curves. Her split skirt is relaxed and sleek so you can move with grace. And that thigh-high cut? It’s a thing of wonder! This stylish design lets your legs travel for miles, instantly adding height to your frame. 




9. Poppy Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves

If your gender reveal is a May event, Poppy is the best maternity dress for you! This springtime fav comes in party-perfect colors (lavender, mint, white, blue), AND it’s super flowy. This gender reveal maternity dress will keep you afloat with a stylish high low skirt and floral print.

Why do we adore this design? It’s all about that asymmetrical skirt! Poppy’s high low skirt completes this gender reveal outfit. The breezy material lengthens your leg and floats around your body like a cloud. It’s an especially comfy design for warm weather.


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10. Melody Fitted Maternity Gender Reveal Dress With Ruffle Neck

Ah yes, we had to include a ruffle maternity dress to round out this list! Frills are a fabulous style these days, and Melody shows us why. Her flounced neckline ups your look to the nines with texture and layers —  a stylish touch on any gender reveal outfit. 

Melody’s ruffled neckline is more than cute though, it’s especially flattering to your form! The frilled material fills out your bust while her sleek, fitted material slims your silhouette. The result is a totally shaped figure with the perfect texture accent (right where you want it!)


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