"Pregnancy makes you sooo beautiful!" Yeah, you've probably heard this a thousand and four times by now. Well, it is true! Try on a red maternity dress, and you'll see right away. Yes, we know you might not feel like Aphrodite every day of the week, but the charm is all there. Your hormones are working miracles for your body, hair, and smile, and you're totally rocking it! It can be really difficult to accept the new changes to your body, especially if you're in bland maternity clothes that do nothing for your shape. We think stepping into a chic red  maternity dress might change your perspective.

Yup, your sex appeal did not vanish when the baby bump arrived. And if any shade is going to revive your confidence, it’s red! The color of lust, romance, and passion, red makes a universal statement. Best of all, the maternity fashion industry is all about it, and now there are thousands of red pregnancy dresses to choose from! These blushing, elegant maternity dresses look beyond fabulous, too. If you think the only ladies that can stun in red are the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, oh no. Red dress glory is for every woman!

Need some proof? See these red maternity dresses for yourself!

So, what's stopping you from wearing a sexy red maternity dress every day If you need help finding a red pregnancy dress that flatters you, we're here. Our maternity fashion editors went to work and created this list of the best maternity dresses for all mamas — first trimester, fourth, fair, tan, everyone! This listicle will take you through all the best red maternity dresses for baby showers and every day wear. Whether you need a red maternity cocktail dress to impress or a red gown for that one thing, we have options for you.

What if you need even more rosy beauty? We got you! Stun with shades of burgundy, magenta, and more in all styles of maternity dress.

a woman wearing the gianna red maternity dress

1. Gianna Maxi Empire Tie Waist Maternity Dress With V Neck

    This red gown is for queens! Gianna is the shining jewel of our collection. Her tie waist, plunging V-neckline, and A-line skirt bring out your shape like no other gown.

    This red maternity maxi dress flatters every mother, regardless of their form or trimester. How? The adjustable tie detail can cinch your tummy to fit YOUR bump. The sash also separates the bust and abdomen to define your silhouette.

    Want that timeless, soft movement? This flowy maternity dress floats with your every step, thanks the loose floor-length skirt. The relaxed fit gives your waist room to grow, softens your shape, and keeps you super comfy. It's a complete package!

    On top of it all, Gianna's deep V neckline is nursing friendly and ready for your fourth trimester. Plus, who can resist her soft velvet red color?

    If you can't get enough of this shade you're in luck! Gianna comes from a collection full of red and stylish baby shower dresses!

    You gotta peep the rest of the collection if you need a comfy, durable maternity maxi dress


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    a lady wearing a red maternity sundress

    2. Alexandra Ditsy Floral Maternity Sundress With Pockets

      So sexy in a maternity sundress! This red floral maternity dress turns you into a summer queen instantly. The off shoulder fit, the flowing skirt, the fiery color — it’s simply too pretty to pass! 

      We LOVE how the designers balanced the form with an A-line skirt. It’s baby beauty to the max! The broad hem gives your hips and waist a narrow shape and lets you twirl for days!

      This red maternity maxi dress is all about form. The empire waist separates your bust and baby bump, defining your shape. This high waistline also maintains a pleasing balance in your form by keeping the lower two-thirds of the dress longer than the top third. 


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      a woman wearing the athena pregnancy gown

      3. Athena Maternity Ruched Bodycon Dress With Scoop Neck

        We adore the flavor of this red maternity cocktail dress! There is SO much personality here. You can’t look at the flirty length, trendy ruching, bodycon design, and say NO.

        These red velvet maternity dresses come in four different shades, so there is an option to suit any complexion! The bright red color featured here compliments the warm tones in your palette and makes a stunning contrast with cool colors. This shade is very trendy in autumn and winter, though you can definitely wear it all year. 

        Besides the rich shade, we love the understated design of these elegant pregnancy dresses. Since these red maternity gowns fall above the knee, they can flatter petite mamas. The ¾ sleeves add that stylish touch and let you flaunt your fanciest accessories! Break out your rings and finest bling. Gold and silver pair beautifully with this blood red gown.


        With her bodycon fit, Athena showcases every curve with finesse. She's ruched from the waist down to draw more attention to your growing form. This texture is enhanced on camera, making her a fabulous red maternity dress for photoshoots!


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        a woman wearing aria the burgundy maternity dress

        4. Aria Maternity Maxi Ruched Evening Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

          We vote yes on this burgundy maternity dress! Really, a wine red maternity dress is a flattering option for all moms-to-be. The color is not the only thing Aria nails, though.

          Do you see that sleek bodycon fit? That perfectly tailored silhouette? This long red maternity dress is so graceful we’d wear it every day of the week! 

          And you know what? This warm red shade can do no wrong! Burgundy works wonders on women with warm undertones and dark hair (the color, not the wine — although that can work miracles, too).

          The floor-length, fitted design snatches your whole silhouette to give you an eloquent and sculpted appearance. This style is also very flattering for mothers carrying low since there is no waistline to divide your form. You shouldn't worry about the fit, though — these red pregnancy dresses are flexible enough to conform to any form!


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          a woman wearing a long red maternity dress called catalina

          5. Catalina Maternity Maxi Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist 

          This red maternity wrap dress is dripping in luxury! This rich red strikes such a dramatic tone, and we LOVE it. If you need red maternity dresses for baby showers or any dress-to-impress event, these maternity gowns are your answer.

          This red velvet maternity dress has a flow that you can notice from a mile away. The pleated, floor-length skirt adds grace to your every step, and it creates fantastic movement in photos! Best of all, this shade of red can complement most skin tones (and there are more options, too!). Metallic jewelry is a must with this gown!

          This long red maternity dress flatters your pregnant figure at every trimester with a cinched yet flexible empire waist. The flowy skirt also works to soften your silhouette for a forgiving and comfy fit every time! If you need a lush red maternity dress for photoshoots, these elegant maternity dresses will work in a pinch.


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          a lady wearing sasha bright red pregnancy gown

          6. Sasha Strapless Maxi Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist

            Off the shoulder neckline? Ruched bodice? Defined waist? Sasha checks all the boxes for style and sizzling appeal. And for under $30, she's one of the most affordable maternity dresses on our listicle!

            Again, these beautiful maternity dresses are designed to bring out your shape. This red velvet maternity dress cinches your waist with a fitted, flexible bodice and empire waistline design. The strapless neckline also contours your shoulders and neck, giving you that sexy, toned look without the gym! 


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            But this Sasha's best feature? Her color! This sensuous shade works on every complexion. It brings out the richness in dark hair and makes a stunning complement to fair skin.


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            a woman wearing a red floral maternity dress called maribel

            7. Maribel Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress With Ruffle Top

              We can' call this a proper listicle without a red bodycon maternity dress! Maribel is one of our fav red maternity dresses for baby showers, photoshoots, or that one fancy thing you have to go! This sexy red maternity gown from our floral collection flaunts all your lovely baby bumps. 

              This ditsy red floral print is balanced out with pink and black tones, so it can match with many skin tones (and accessories!) But the best feature of these pregnancy maternity dresses? Their trendy, contouring design! 

              These floral maternity dresses have a cute strapless, flounced neckline that flaunts your collar. All you need is a gold chain! The off the shoulder cut also sculpts your neck for a graceful, feminine look.  


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              a lady wearing a burgundy pregnancy dress called melody

              8. Melody Fitted Maternity Midi Dress With Ruffle Neck

                So chic, so cute! These long red maternity dresses make every mother pop (in a fashion sense, not literally!). All the details work in harmony to create the perfect tea-time aesthetic.

                First of all, we can’t resist this deep wine shade. A burgundy maternity dress compliments every complexion! But the color is just the first flattering feature of these elegant maternity dresses. 

                The flounced neckline adds layers to your outfit that help bring out your shape. See how the ruffle texture separates your bust and waist? This dividing line makes your growing form more noticeable. Plus, the ruffles add terrific texture on camera, making Melody an ideal red maternity dress for photoshoots!


                Melody takes your figure a step further with a slimming pencil skirt that's as comfy as it is stylish! She narrows the silhouette but fits and feels like a T-shirt. Melody is our proof that pretty maternity dresses CAN be practical maternity wear.

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                a woman wearing a white and red pregnancy dress called annabelle

                9. Annabelle Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Empire Waist

                  These adorable red maternity maxi dresses make this list 2,000 times over! We can’t tell you what we adore more: the two-tone print, the summer vibes, or the beautiful flow. Perhaps it’s all of it! 

                  These are perfect red maternity dresses for baby showers, photoshoots, a stylish everyday outfit. You can match the skirt to the theme of your shower, the props in your portraits, or the jewelry on your wrists! Honestly, you'll have SO much fun with the color block design. 


                  These white and red maternity gowns also showcase your baby bump by strategically dividing your figure. The mid-waistline sits right where your tummy grows. Not only does this feature accommodate mothers carrying low and high, but the colorful line also helps your form stand out on camera (hint: Annabelle is the BEST red maternity dress for photoshoots!).

                  Finally, we have to give credit to the sleeveless tank design. A tank maternity dress sculpts the upper body (especially if it's fitted like Annabelle), and it helps a mama beat the heat. Overall, this red maternity dress is a reliable staple you can depend on every day of the year!

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                  a lady wearing a bright red maternity gown called delaney

                  10. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

                    Cute with the cold shoulders! In winter, nonetheless! These long red maternity dresses combine a trendy off shoulder design with long sleeves for a gorgeous fall/winter look you can always go to!

                    Strapless design, folded neckline, fitted material, and long sleeves. They all work beautifully in this red maternity gown! The mid-waist, long skirt, and bare shoulders create a balanced composure that is ready to grow with your body. Thanks to Delaney's rayon/spandex blend, comfort and growth come naturally!


                    Plus, Delaney is one of our camera-approved, red maternity dresses for photoshoots! Her long skirt gives you so much material to play with at your shoot. The flowy fabric creates an incredible motion effect on camera. We highly recommend swishing, swaying, and using a breeze to your advantage!


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