a pregnant woman wearing a casual maternity dress

12 Cute Casual Maternity Dresses For Daily Baby Beauty

As you enter your second trimester, you’ll watch that baby bump grow and grow! This is a remarkable experience, and you have every reason to be proud. Well, by now you’ll be feeling more than pride. Maybe you’ll feel your baby kick! Perhaps you’ll feel more tired. With your expanding tummy, you’ll certainly be feeling out of place in your old clothes. You turn to casual maternity clothes to find comfort, but you quickly find the selection is too limited. Where do you buy easy AND beautiful maternity outfits for everyday wear? Hint: they’ve been in front of you the whole time. If you’ve been sleeping on casual maternity dresses, it’s time to wake up!



Yes, we know that some moms think maternity dresses equal shapeless tents. Well, that’s the OLD version of maternity fashion. Nowadays, you can find beautiful maternity dresses that flatter your shape and embody current trends! Online maternity boutiques are packed full of super stylish, comfortable options that suit mothers in all stages of pregnancy (and after the birth, too!). Seriously, there are casual pregnancy dresses for days, from casual maternity maxi dresses to casual nursing dresses. You can put together a whole new wardrobe with just pregnancy dresses alone! When you think of the time you’ll save by throwing on a beautiful one-piece outfit, this becomes a pretty appealing option. 




So, how do you know which casual maternity maxi dresses are worth the money? Which ones can survive the journey from first trimester to fourth? Glad you asked, because that’s what we got you here for! Our maternity fashion editors selected the best maternity dresses for everyday wear. They chose these maternity gown dresses for their durability, comfort, and of course, trendy style! Now, you don’t have to conduct all this trial and error of finding which pregnancy dresses pass the test. 



The clothes for your modern mom life require comfort and convenience! Find both in these stylish pregnancy dresses.







a pregnant lady wearing a purple maternity wrap dress

1. Catalina Flowy Maternity Maxi  Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

We absolutely adore this sexy, everyday look! After hours of research, we decided Catalina is one of the best casual maternity dresses. These elegant maternity dresses are durable, nursing friendly, and guaranteed to flatter every pregnant figure.

How can it be? The secret lies in the spandex/rayon blend, which allows the dress to conform to your body comfortably. This stretch-resistant material ensures these maternity gown dresses keep their shape, even through the tugging and pulling of breastfeeding!

And can we talk about the beautiful design for a second? This casual maternity maxi dress offers a timeless look that’s fashionable all year round. With a plunging V neckline, cinched empire waist, and flowing skirt, these pretty pregnancy dresses bring out the best of your figure.

For one, the perfectly placed waistline separates your bust and tummy to define your bump. The V neck (our fav!) flaunts your collar and gives you ample opportunity to rock your finest jewelry.  

Maybe the best part is that Catalina is just one of many fine maternity maxi dresses. If you love her, you have to check out the rest of the collection!


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a woman with dark hair wearing a ditsy floral gown2. Taylin Ditsy Floral Maternity Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

    V-neck, tie waist, and a dizzy ditsy print? She's 12/10! This cute floral maternity dress makes the perfect casual maternity outfit for stunning in the springtime. 

    Styling these pregnancy dresses is a breeze because the whole look is all ready to go! Taylin doesn't need many accessories or fluff — her balanced composure and adorable print make a complete outfit. 

    We adore how the surplice wrap neckline lifts your bust AND provides nursing access. Taylin's tie cinches your waist right above your bump to define your shape. 

    These cute casual maternity dresses are made of a breathable, flexible material that grows with your body. You can wear these maternity gowns at any stage of your journey — first through fourth trimester!


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    a pregnant lady with blond hair wearing a flowy midi maternity dress

     3. Luna Long Sleeve Midi Maternity Dress With Bohemian Cut

      We all need a bohemian dress ready, whether you're carrying or not! This casual black maternity dress has that creative-chill aesthetic that keeps you boho-chic all year. Luna's versatility and simplicity make her a look you can depend on.

      Firstly, you can style these casual short gowns a hundred different ways! Rock Luna with boots and a beanie for a cozy fall look or wedges and a sunhat for a vacay fit. The vibe is all up to you!


      Thanks to the T-shirt fit, these casual womens pregnancy dresses are super comfy! Luna's flexible spandex/rayon blend lets her grow with your body, giving you a tailored fit at every stage — even the postpartum period. The asymmetrical skirt also makes these petite dresses perfect for any lady that wants to add height. 


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      a pregnant woman wearing a white strapless casual maternity dress4. Sasha Strapless Maxi Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist

        Light, bright, and so cute! This casual maternity summer dress is a fav for so many reasons. We can’t get over the breezy fit and cool design.

        Cool? In more ways than one! This flowy maternity dress beats the heat with its loose skirt! A relaxed fit provides better air circulation, which keeps you comfy when the temps rise. Plus, this white casual maternity dress brightens your summer glow with a trendy off the shoulder design.

        Now, maternity clothes should ALWAYS be comfortable. This comfort keeps you coming back to them with confidence every day! Sasha's flexible, soft rayon/ spandex blend conforms to your shape without squeezing or bunching. Her fitted bodice grows as you do, so you can wear her through every trimester. 


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        a woman wearing a short floral pregnancy dress

        5. Tessa Petite Floral Maternity Dress With V-Neck

          Is spring here? Or is it just Tessa's fresh, floral vibes? It doesn’t matter! These casual pregnancy dresses win us over with their balanced design and flirty fit.

          We adore petite maternity dresses, the kind that hit above the knee. When womens maternity dresses are usually long and dramatic, this style is refreshing. The short skirt adds height, making Tessa ideal for shirt women (or any mama who wants to show off their legs!).

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          a woman wearing a blue floral sundress

          6. Lila Off Shoulder Floral Maternity Dress With Pockets

            This off the shoulder maternity dress makes you adorable every day with its lovely, feminine print. We adore the soft blue color, too! Lila is one of the best maternity summer dresses for any growing mama.

            Speaking of summer, if you need comfy dresses that can keep your chill, we def suggest a blue maternity dress.

            These cute casual maternity dresses have the best floral design. It's always good to avoid large florals when your body is growing because they can add weight to your silhouette. Thankfully, the delicate blooms on these maternity gown dresses don't expand with your figure, making them great for a growing baby bump!


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            a pregnant woman wearing a blue maternity tunic

            7. Eleanor Maternity Long Sleeve Mini Wrap Dress With V-Neck

            Can you say cute and comfy? This casual maternity dress will become your new nursing go-to in a heartbeat. The baby soft (pun intended) fabric and flexible neck/waistline make Eleanor the comfiest casual nursing dress ever.

            Plus, these beautiful dresses are as practical as they are cozy! The surplice wrap neckline makes breastfeeding a breeze (and creates a flattering V neck). It never hurts to buy a nursing friendly pregnancy dress that you can wear postpartum! The convenient nursing access comes with many of our maternity wrap dresses.

            If you need casual maternity dresses for fall, Eleanor is a fine choice. Her long sleeves are fashionable for the chillier months, and she pairs well with all leggings!


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            a woman wearing a floor-length fitted khaki maternity gown

            8. Aria Maternity Maxi Ruched Evening Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

              Aria makes this list for several reasons. Firstly, her sleek design and bodycon material sculpt your figure to perfection. Also, her fitted, floor-length skirt makes her one most elegant pregnancy dresses in our collection! 

              We love the understated yet beautiful design of this ruched maternity dress. These form fitting dresses comes without decoration, their her color, material, length, and ruched seams define your every curve. Aria gives you the perfect silhouette for your maternity portraits!

              Yup, if you want your baby bump to REALLY show, these maternity dresses for photoshoots are all yours!


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              an expecting mother wearing a short black floral dress

              9. Sami Petite Floral Maternity Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

                Sami is serving up some summer vibes with these cute n' casual short maternity dresses. The rose print is on point! We like maternity clothing with a lil’ twist, something unique that you don’t see in every maternity store. 

                These mini maternity summer dresses know how to flatter your figure, too! The empire waist brings out your shape while the flowy skirt gives you room to grow. We also love the square neckline, which is suitable for busts of all sizes.

                Since these short maternity dresses hit at knee length, they’re a trendy option for a petite mom to be who might swallowed up by longer gowns. In fact, Sami is practically made for small women! You can always check our petite collection We  for casual maternity clothes that fit mamas under 5’4’"


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                a blond woman wearing a blue and white color block pregnancy dress

                10. Annabelle Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Empire Waist

                  Go with white? Or blue? If you can't decide, this casual maternity maxi dress is for you! The two-tone print can pair with so many accessories. We love how the colors and textures the contrast; the design complements a growing waist.

                  Annabelle divides your silhouette at the mid-waist to define your form. She's fitted up top, while her relaxed skirt softens your shape. Her sleeveless design makes her one of the best casual maternity dresses for summer!

                  Just summer? Well, not really. This casual pregnancy dress is made of rayon and spandex — two durable materials that can last through many parties, washes, and busy days. She'll snap back to pre pregnancy size once the journey is over, too. Needless to say, you'll be wearing Annabelle for a while!


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                  a lady wearing a high low midi dress

                  11. Poppy Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves

                    Do you see that ruffle hem? That high-low skirt? The flattering V neck? This floral pregnancy gown is too cute! We love a maternity summer dress with a fresh, feminine feel.

                    These cute casual maternity dresses let your legs go on for days — that's the beauty of a high-low skirt! The asymmetrical cut lengthens your legs and adds height, making Poppy ideal for petite mothers. Add in her stylish wrap V-neckline and rosy blooms, and you have a fab outfit that's comfy enough to wear anywhere.

                    Casual dress for summer, cute everyday outfit — Poppy wins! 


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                    a woman with dark hair wearing a white tropical print maternity gown

                    12. Eloise Fitted Tropical Maternity Maxi Dress With Side Slit

                    Perfect for date night, Eloise is one the best dresses for moms with an adventurous pregnancy fashion taste. This casual maternity dress is flawless with a bodycon fit and tropical print.

                    Did you notice the slit in the skirt, too? These little details make a big difference! The split skirt lengthens your leg, adding height to your frame. Combined with the sleek fit, Eloise keeps you moving with grace. She's a smart bodycon — never tight enough to squeeze you but fitted enough to contour all your lovely baby bumps.  


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