Is any color more appropriate for a baby shower than pink? No need to think about it, because there isn’t. Soft and feminine, a pink baby shower dress is a trendy choice for all mothers in the making! Yes, we could be biased, but pink maternity dresses for baby showers really do create a fun energy that everyone can feel. Plus, there is a shade of pink to compliment every complexion! Don't believe it? Let us show you! We know many mothers have tried an unflattering shade of pink and given up on the color completely. Well, we’re going to make sure this tragedy doesn’t repeat itself. Your baby shower outfit is too special!

Firstly, if your baby bash is right around the corner, we want to say congrats! You deserve an intimate celebration with all your closest friends and family. After all, it's no easy work being pregnant! Now, you are tasked with finding cute pregnancy dresses for baby showers. It might seem like a small chore at first, but as you review all your baby shower dress ideas, you might find there are too many options! Want some advice from our maternity fashion editors? Pink is your color if you'd give it a chance!

We mean it! You can flaunt all your natural beauty with these flirty maternity dresses!

So, what pink baby shower dresses do we recommend? Will a light pink baby shower dress light up your luscious beauty? Does the pink have to be in-season? Is a short or a long pink baby shower dress better for your shape? Your questions are totally valid, and we're ready to answer them! Our maternity fashion editors created this list of pink maternity dresses for baby showers to help you find the rosy gown made for you. We included all styles and shades on this list of stylish baby shower dresses. 

Want even more flattering fits? You’ll find out what to wear to a baby shower after you check out these cute baby shower dresses



a pregnant woman wearing a long pink baby shower dress

1. Catalina Maternity Maxi Flowy Baby Shower Dress

    So stylish in the maxi! This long pink baby shower dress gets all of our votes for best baby shower outfit. Catalina comes in three different shades of pink, so there is a color to compliment any complexions! And with her sexy wrap V neckline and flowing skirt, she shows off your growing figure with finesse. 

    As a rule, cute maternity dresses for baby showers must flatter your form. With her cinched waist and breezy skirt, Catalina offers a forgiving and beautiful fit in every trimester! Her strategic design separates your bust and tummy for a soft yet defined silhouette.

    Plus, Catalina's as practical as she is stylish. After you shine at your baby shower, you can wear this pregnancy dress postpartum to help with breastfeeding! These are also the best baby shower dresses for moms to be because they can hold up for your whole journey, from first trimester to fourth. If you can't tell, we're in love with this comfy, pretty baby shower outfit for moms!

    Oh, and the best part? Catalina comes from a whole collection of pink baby shower dresses!


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    a lady wearing a strapless sand colored pregnancy dress

    2. Sasha Maxi Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist

      These rosy baby shower gowns drape you in pink perfection! You can't go wrong with strapless pregnancy dresses for baby showers; this baby shower dress is all the proof you need. Sasha's flowing skirt and trendy neckline create a soft, feminine look that you’ll want to wear daily.

      Strapless gowns make really cute maternity dresses for baby showers in the summer. Why? When you're in the sunlight, your skin glows and makes your shine 10x brighter! You'll radiate that healthy mama look and energy without even trying!

      The empire waistline on this pink baby shower dress creates that gorgeous effect and gets all eyes on you. This timeless pink baby shower dress also softens your shape with a breezy skirt — a blessing for any growing tummy.

      If you love this flowy, glamorous style, you're going to adore these gorgeous pregnancy maxi dresses.


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      a woman wearing a light pink bodycon dress

      3. Athena Maternity Ruched Bodycon Dress With Scoop Neck

        Fitted and fine! Some ladies think pink is reserved for casual maternity clothes, but this sleek maternity dress proves them all wrong. We love the elegant, chic look this maternity shower dress has to offer. 

        This light pink baby shower dress featured here is the best shade for fair-skinned mothers. Athena comes in three different shades of pink, so you can certainly find the color that fits you best. This baby shower outfit is ready to accommodate any lady — dark, fair, first trimester or third!

        The crew neckline keeps this long sleeve pink baby shower dress modest, but Athena is all about the body! Her bodycon material contours your curves, sculpting your figure to perfection. These are cute maternity dresses for showers in the summer or spring when the short, flirty length is in.


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        a pregnant woman wearing a white and pink baby shower dress

        4. Annabelle Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Empire Waist

          There is no way to go wrong with this color block maternity dress. Are you ready to mix n' match? This maternity shower dress is meant to play along with your theme, decorations, or even the season.

          The white and pink print featured here makes these baby shower gowns best for women with cool tones and paler features. If that's not you, don’t trip! Annabelle comes in 15 different color options — including three shades of pink!

          These stylish baby shower dresses keep a high waistline to bring out your bump. Annabelle's two-tone print also makes her camera-ready! And with a sleeveless sculpting design, these pink baby shower dresses are a no-brainer for any mama who wants to stay on point. 


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          a lady wearing a short pink floral pregnancy gown

          5. Sami Petite Floral Maternity Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

            Here is the warm pink baby shower dress that looks absolutely stunning on mamas with darker palettes. It’s not a hot pink baby shower dress, but its vibrant color (closer to red) complements warmer skin tones and dark hair. 

            This floral maternity dress boasts style far beyond its color, too! The short, breezy skirt breaks away from the traditional baby shower dress and shows some leg. We also love the square neckline and sleeves; they add to a balanced composure. 

            You can always look at our floral collection for affordable and stylish baby shower dresses — this maternity gown is only $25! Check it out for flower-y baby shower dress ideas!


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            a lady wearing a long pink maxi gown

            6. Hazel Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Scoop Neck

              Here’s a hot pink baby shower dress for you! Hazel is graceful, flowy, and everything we adore. Plus, she's super pink. 

              Why this love affair? We adore how Hazel combines stylish elements to bring out your shape. Her bodice is fitted to your form while her relaxed skirt floats around your form. These contrasting features soften your figure and emphasize your waist, giving this maternity shower dress a very feminine look. The breezy skirt even creates a beautiful motion effect in photos!

              Best of all, this baby shower outfit is approved for all trimesters! Available in sizes 14 different shades (including three pinks!), there is a Hazel for every occasion. 


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              a pregnant woman wearing a long fitted pink dress

              7. Aria Maternity Maxi Ruched Evening Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

                These baby shower dresses for moms to be are super chic with a fitted, floor-length skirt! Slim and sleek! The dusty rose color featured here is also muted enough to work with all skin tones, warm or cool. 

                Out of all the pink maternity dresses for baby showers on this list, we have yet to recommend one with a body-hugging fit. Well, this maternity bodycon dress is here to deliver! These cute baby shower dresses are fitted all the way through to showcase your new curves (in comfort!). 

                You can wear these maternity gowns for baby showers in the winter when long sleeves and skirts are in style. 


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                a pregnant woman wearing a pink floral dress with a high low skirt

                8. Poppy Floral High Low Midi Maternity Dress With Sleeves

                  We simply adore this light pink baby shower dress! We can’t decide what’s best: the perfect calf length, the high-low skirt, or the floral print.  Actually, we have to say it's the pretty, pale lavender color. The lilac tone makes this pink baby shower dress work with most skin tones.


                  Poppy's design is just as lovely as her color! Her wrap neckline and high-low skirt are super trendy. Plus, both features work wonders for your form! The V neck lifts your bust while the flowy skirt lengthens your leg to add height. Double win! You'll float gracefully through your whole shower in this baby shower gown — no wings required. 

                  These are cute pregnancy dresses for baby showers in the spring, thanks to the pastel floral print. Pair these pink maternity dresses with some rose gold or silver jewelry for a finishing shine!


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                  a pregnant woman wearing a pink ditsy floral sundress

                  9. Alexandra Ditsy Floral Maternity Sundress With Pockets

                    Pink maternity sundresses can steal the spotlight any day with the right design. Alexandra is the perfect example! The empire waist, strapless neckline, and ruched chest give these baby shower dresses plenty of flair.

                    These are the best pink maternity dresses for baby showers because A) layers and B) accessories! The strapless neckline turns your collar into a blank canvas waiting for decoration. We also highly recommend dangling earrings with this maternity gown — they stand out brilliantly next to your bare shoulders!


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                    a pregnant lady with dark hair wearing a short pink and white floral dress

                    10. Tessa Petite Floral Maternity Dress With V-Neck

                      You can’t go all soft and pink without adding some blooms too! This cute maternity dress strikes a lovely chord with its pink floral print. The light, bright tones make this pink baby shower dress agreeable for mamas with dark hair and/or cool complexions!

                      Let’s talk about this flirty fit for a second, though. Tessa's perfect above-the-knee length makes her ideal for petite and tall mamas alike. She's especially fashionable in spring when short is the thing! To top it off, her cinched waist and wrap V neckline flatter growing figures. And who can resist that swingy skirt? All in all, she's 10/10!


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                      a woman wearing a long strapless pink maternity gown

                      11. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

                        We think we may have found the chicest long pink baby shower dress of all! The folded, strapless neckline, the elegant skirt — she's perfect! And what's more, Delaney makes our list of cute maternity dresses for baby showers AND photoshoots.

                        These off the shoulder maternity dresses sculpt your figure with a strapless design and perfectly cinched waist. The gown is fitted above the waist but relaxes at the hips for maximum comfort and flow. The result is a beautiful, eloquent shape that can fly at any upscale shower.

                        Besides the fit, we love the trendy folded neckline. This smart design lengthens your neck and sculpts your shoulders for a feminine touch. When you add it up, you get one of the most beautiful, flattering pink maternity dresses for baby showers! 


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                        a woman wearing a soft pink tie waist pregnancy dress

                        12. Gianna Maternity Maxi Empire Tie Waist Dress With V-Neck

                          This pink maternity dress is super hot with a deep V neck and tie detail! Everything from the fabulous fit to the soft pink color brings out your inner diva. This is definitely a sexy baby shower outfit for moms who want to show their glamorous side. 

                          These stylish baby shower dresses even feature a pleated skirt. The soft, relaxed fit gives you room to grow and shapes your silhouette— double win! The V-neckline makes these the perfect pregnancy dresses for baby showers in the spring, though you can wear this style all year round.

                          If you don't know what to wear to a baby shower, we highly recommend any maxi maternity dress. Our maxi collection will have you fitted with affordable maternity dresses for baby showers all year! You can get inspired with fresh baby shower dress ideas by just browsing the page. 


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