a blond pregnant woman wearing a purple maternity dress

12 Purple Maternity Dresses You Need in 2021 [#1 Rated]

Are you ready for a quiz? Don't worry, it's not hard! What color do royals wear? Purple. What color was trending in every designer's corner last year (and is still today)? ALSO purple. What color is acceptable any day as an accent or statement? You probably get it by now — purple! Considering everything we just said, a purple maternity dress is a prime choice for any mom. A purple pregnancy dress is vital staple in every maternity wardrobe! You’re honestly too cute right now to be wearing another color. When that bump begins to grow, stylish (purple) maternity clothes are your best option.

We totally understand, though. Picking out affordable maternity dresses that stung AND last your whole journey every trimester is like finding a needle in a haystack. Believe us, we've been there! Almost all moms experience this same dilemma when the second trimester rolls around, and it’s quite a pain. The good news is that purple maternity gowns are everywhere. Why? Because the color is slimming, flattering to many complexions, and bold! You can't go wrong with a purple maternity dress. 

Anyway, if you’re on the hunt for maternity dresses, chances are you look beautiful! We bet your baby bump is growing, your hair is strong, your curves are stunnin’, and you have a bright energy. We want to help you celebrate this special time with beautiful maternity dresses that bring out your baby glow! So if you’re need to know where to buy maternity dresses that compliment your figure, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a listicle of our best purple maternity dresses for every mother! Whether you want a purple baby shower dress or a purple maternity dress for photoshoots, there is a gown in our collection for you.

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a pregnant woman wearing a purple maternity dress

1. Catalina Maternity Maxi Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

    Luxurious lavender meets dreamy wrap style! Out of all our maternity gowns, we decided this purple maternity maxi dress is truly our very best. Catalina stuns in every trimester, makes nursing easy, and comes in shades to suit every mother!

    Our favorite feature is her wrap neckline, which creates a V neck that’s sexy AND nursing friendly! Paired with the empire waistline, the plunging V enhances your growing figure and adds a stylish touch. 

    The neckline is just the first flattering feature, though! Catalina's flowing, floor-length skirt softens your silhouette for a beautiful fit in every trimester. The relaxed style gives your waist plenty of room to grow. Meanwhile, the elastic material helps the gown shrink back to shape when your bump is no more.

    Of course, we have to brag about this purple maternity dress because it comes with so many shade options!

    Featured here is the eggplant color (a gorgeous spring/winter color) that complements all complexions. This light purple maternity dress also comes in magenta and lilac for when you want to switch it up.


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    a lady with blond hair wearing a violet gown

    2. Tatiana Long Sleeve Flowy Maternity Dress With Empire Waist

      Tatiana is vibrant in violet! These petite maternity dresses fit into every spring and summer maternity wardrobe. You can't look at that swingy mini skirt and say no!

      We love how this shade of violet color can suit all mothers. You might think that pastel only work with with fair skin, but oh no! These lilac maternity gown dresses are dark enough to compliment tan complexions.

      Besides their perfect color, these purple pregnancy dresses keep your look fun n' flirty flirty with that just-right length and low neckline. And since these pretty little dresses hit above the knee, they’re ideal for petite mothers under 5’4”! 


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      a lady wearing a fitted maxi dress with a slit in the skirt

      3. Gigi Fitted Floral Maternity Maxi Dress With Side Slit 

        Well hello sunshine! We can’t get enough of this perfectly pale purple. Body-conscious and decorated with pastel blossoms, these elegant maternity dresses make every mother look like a beauty in bloom. 

        Honestly, what can't decide we love most about Gigi. Is it the her sleek bodycon fit that defines every curve? The perfect purple palette tone? Or the strategic, sexy slit in her skirt? Hmmm, we'd say we adore every inch! 

        These pretty maternity dresses flaunt your growing body with grace. The smart bodycon material works to hug your curves, but it never clings too tight. Gigi also knows when to relax. The design loosens up below the hips to let the split skirt work its magic!

        For the most part, these purple pregnancy dresses strike an elegant chord. Their teat-time aesthetic makes them the perfect purple maternity dresses for baby showers, maternity shoots, or that fancy brunch you have to go to! 

        Hol' up, did someone say baby shower? Yup! Up your style and check out these stunning maternity dresses for baby showers


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        a woman wearing a strapless long sleeve gown

        4. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

          Delaney steals our hearts and the title of best purple baby shower dress (after Catalina!). She's graceful, full of flow, and and flattering to all pregnant forms. The trendy, off-shoulder design also ups your whole look to the tens!

          Everything about this Delaney's design is made to work with a growing body. For one, her perfectly placed waistline separates your bust and tummy (even when your bump grows to suuuper big). The strapless design contours your shoulder for a lean, sculpted appearance every time. And of course, you can't ignore how the breezy maxi-length skirt softens your silhouette for a a beautiful, roomy fit! 

          Honestly, we credit much of Delaney's superb design to the magic of pregnancy maxi dresses.

          The best feature of this super gorgeous, flowy maternity dress? This deep royal purple color! This dark purple maternity dress gives off the fierce, confident vibes of a queen. The universally flattering color works well on fair skin and hair well.


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          a woman with dark hair wearing a floral lavender maternity dress

          5. Poppy Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves

            We couldn't publish this list without a floral purple maternity dress! Poppy is ready for all your spring and summer looks with her bright pastel blooms. She's got that flowy skirt, perfect length, and balanced design — the secret recipe for a flattering maternity outfit!

            These high low maternity dresses are super comfy with a flexible fit and loose skirt. The asymmetrical skirt keeps you feeling light; it drifts with all your movements. Combined with Poppy's fitted elastic design above the waist, you'll have freedom to move and grow in every trimester!

            You can wear these flowy maternity dresses anywhere — to the office, store, or your neighbor's party. They’re so easy! Throw on some cute wedges, a necklace, and you’re ready to roll. 

            These lavender maternity dresses fall closer to the blue, so they compliment cool undertones best. If you find yourself stepping over the color wheel too, check out these royal blue maternity dresses!  


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            a pregnant woman in a light purple wrap pregnancy dress

            6. Gianna Maternity Maxi Empire Tie Waist Dress With V-Neck

              Here's another baby shower beauty for you! She's even wrapped with a bow! Gianna is hands down one of the best maternity dresses for any special occasion. Her tie detail brings everyone's eyes right where you want them.

              These are THE perfect purple maternity dresses for baby showers because they're trendy, upscale, and on-point. Plus, Gianna's adorable tie lets you adjust the fit to your form! You can wear these beautiful maternity dresses at any stage — first trimester to fourth. 

              This light purple maternity dress is a perfect match for mothers with cool undertones. If your skin or hair is light, this maternity gown will compliment you natural beauty. 


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              a woman wearing a dark purple tank dress with hands in pockets

              7. Hazel Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Scoop Neck

                Summertime pregnancy? Hazel is here for you. She's our fav purple maternity maxi dress for those sultry summer days! A loose tank dress equals = warm weather comfort.

                These pregnancy maternity dresses are designed to keep you cool! The breezy skirt gives your bump room to grow AND promotes air circulation. Plus, Hazel's rayon/spandex blend is breathable and moisture-wicking, so it never traps heat or sweat near your body

                Besides comfort, this purple maternity dress has an elegant design that you can dress up or down. Do you know why maternity maxi dresses are so popular? The long skirt works wonders for your movement and growing form! This flowy maternity dress drifts with you, putting grace in each step! The relaxed skirt softens your silhouette for a beautiful shape at every stage.



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                a pregnant woman wearing a petite magenta bodycon dress

                8. Athena Maternity Ruched Bodycon Dress With Scoop Neck

                  Sleek and chic! These maternity bodycon dresses nail it with their fitted, flirty design. This purple pregnancy dress is for mothers who are ready to wine and dine!

                  Athena's body-conscious material flexes all your new curves — baby bump included! We love how the ruched details on the seams also help shape your hips. The ruched texture even adds that slight formal touch. It's the perfect recipe for a maternity cocktail dress!

                  The flattering design doesn’t stop there, though. Since these elegant maternity dresses have no waistline, they can accommodate many body adnd bump types! By keeping the fit one-piece, these maternity gown dresses compliment bumps that sit high or low on your waist.


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                  a pregnant woman wearing a tropical pregnancy gown

                  9. Felise Tropical Maternity Maxi Wrap Dress With V-Neck

                    We rate Felise 12/10! This jungle-inspired, tropical maternity dress is stunning in a deep navy color. Felise offers an original look with her stylish print, tie detail, and floor-length skirt. 

                    Thanks to the relaxed skirt and adjustable tie, you can rock this purple baby shower dress in any trimester (including the fourth). Felise's empire waistline and wrap neckline work in harmony to define your shape. Since these maternity gowns are so chic and unique, they’re some of our fav purple maternity dresses for baby showers!

                    This plum color is best suited for mothers with darker palettes. The rich color flatters warm undertones, so these elegant pregnancy dresses look incredible on mamas with dark hair and tan skin.


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                    a woman wearing a purple bodycon dress

                    10. Aria Maternity Maxi Ruched Evening Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

                      This fitted maternity dress has everything you could want in a fall gown — a rich color, sleek fit, and great coverage! We love the contouring design. Not many body-conscious gowns carry all the way to the floor, and Aria's totally chic silhouette is something to marvel! 

                      The bodycon material is just the first reason we adore these elegant maternity dresses. This purple long sleeve maternity dress is beautifully understated so you can style it any way you like! Dress Aria up with fine jewelry or keep her cas' with flats — it's all up tp you. 

                      The fitted, maxi length design sculpts your form from head to toe for a gorgeous shape in every trimester. The ruching right beneath the waist also adds a nice texture touch while bringing attention to your baby bump.


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                      a pregnant lady wearing a magenta wrap dress

                      11. Eleanor Maternity Long Sleeve Mini Wrap Dress With V-Neck

                        This cute nursing friendly dress is on point in magenta! This shade pairs beautifully with most skin tones, and it also just happens to be trending this year. Eleanor is one of our top-rated for comfort and convenience, all thanks to her fabric and flexible neckline!

                        By the way, does Eleanor look like a nursing dress to you? The wrap neckline lifts and supports your bust while looking adorable. You can pull the bodice down for nursing access anytime, and it snaps back to the stylish V shape like nothing happened.

                        Thanks to a durable spandex blend, Eleanor is ready for the tugging and pulling of your lil one! It takes A LOT to stretch out this material. 


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                        a pregnant woman wearing a violet and white color block maxi gown

                        12. Annabelle Maternity Maxi Tank Dress With Empire Waist

                          Featured here is best maternity dress for spring! This color block pregnancy dress is so light and breezy you’ll never break a sweat. Summer baby shower here we come!

                          This purple maternity maxi dress accommodates all baby bumps with a low empire waistline. By dividing the gown right n the middle (by color and texture), Annabelle flatters mamas carrying high and low!


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