a pregnant woman wearing the best maternity dress for her growing body

15 Best Maternity Dresses For Every Trimester

So, it's time. Your belly is busting every waistband (even your extra comfy pair), and your shirts can hardly cover up. Do you scour Amazon for another “belly band”? Live in leggings? Go undercover until the you've safely delivered the baby? Or, do you shop for maternity clothes and save yourself from the pain of  restrictive pants? Our maternity fashion experts say: go for the super chic, comfy womens maternity dresses.

Some mothers don't want to go within 20 fees of maternity clothes, we know! For a long time, maternity stores sold oversized tents that were hard to call... fashion. Now, those days are over! Today, maternity boutiques (like our very own, humble brag)  are packed with beautiful maternity dresses that cater to all women. It’s also good to remember that the best maternity dresses are not just stylish. They can accommodate your growing form! The pregnancy maternity dresses in our collection keep you cool, supported, and comfortable through your whole journey.

If you’re reluctant to try some new maternity outfits, don’t worry! You're certainly not the only one. Our editors are here to help you with a curated list of the best maternity dresses for new mothers who are just adopting maternity style. Designed for all mothers of the modern world, these casual pregnancy dresses embody comfort, personality, and your mother experience! So, if you want to know where to buy maternity dresses that are trending and aligned with your personal style, take a peek at this listicle! 

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a pregnant lady wearing a pink maternity wrap dress

1. Catalina Maternity Maxi Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

Why is Catalina at the top of this list? Hmm, maybe  because she has provides comfort, nursing acces, and flow in one timeless design! This maternity maxi dress is our best-seller for a reason!

If we had to choose ONE maternity gown out of our whole collection to get us through a pregnancy, Catalina would be it. Her relaxed skirt gives your tummy room to grow through each trimester (comfy!). Still, this pregnancy dress also keeps you stylish with a cinched waist and deep V neckline. Both of these features work in harmony to define your shape, even when you're about to pop! 

How so? This maternity gown is fitted up top to bring out your curves, and it’s strategically cinched at the waist to further enhance your shape. The high waistline separates your bust and baby bump to define your form at every stage. Yup, this design flatters mothers in every trimester (and in the postpartum period, too)! 

Did you know Catalina is also one of the cutest baby shower dresses?

Since she's made of a spandex/rayon blend, Catalina can stretch to accommodate any bump. Rayon is a very light, breathable fabric that can wck moisture and heat, while the spandex makes the gown stretch-resistant. 


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a woman wearing a purple tropical maternity dress

2. Felise Tropical Maternity Maxi Wrap Dress With V-Neck

Keep it cute with all the colors of the rainforest! This tropical maternity dress has a unique print and detail that defines your shape in every trimester. Felise is one of our fav maternity gown dresses because she's so colorful and comfy! Her spandex/rayon blend is ideal for a growing mother. 

These materials ensure a comfortable, body-conforming fit every single time, no matter your size or shape! These long maternity dresses are fitted but still loose and breezy enough for warm weather.



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a woman wearing an off shoulder floral midi pregnancy dress

3. Maribel Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress With Ruffle Top

    Show your sexy shoulders! This floral maternity dress is not your ordinary. sundress, but lo and behold, it fits a bump like you wouldn’t believe! 

    The off the shoulder look is currently one of the year's hottest trends for a reason: it's super shaping! We love a strapless design because it contours your upper body for a slim, toned look. 

    Maribel's skirt is flattering, too! The midi-length skirt comes right below your knee, which is the ideal length to compliment petite women. We love how the neckline is flounced for an adorable, feminine touch. Thanks to her flexible bodycon material, Maribel stretches and grows with your body. She defines your curves AND shrinks back to shape after the lil’ one arrives!


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    a pregnant lady wearing a black fitted dress

    4. Athena Maternity Ruched Bodycon Neck With Scoop Neck

    We love maternity bodycon dresses, and this cute LBD is to die for. One of our more casual maternity dresses, you can wear this gown to the mall, though Athena can even make an adorable cute work dress if you style her right! 

    We love the stylish ruching at the hips — it adds texture while shaping your hips. Though these cute pregnancy dresses are fitted, the spandex/rayon blend is flexible enough to promote free movement. We ensure that none of our maternity clothes are never tight! 

    These short maternity dresses have a sort of cocktail vibe, so they're ideal for parties or upscale day events. The flirty length also makes them perfect for any spring or summer day! You can rely on this style for cool comfort. 

    We always recommend layering cute pregnancy dresses under cardigans or shawls, though this dress stands best alone. Rock Athena with some trendy cuffs, earrings, and wedges, and you have a fashionable maternity look for the books!


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    a woman wearing a burgundy tie waist dress with a vneck

    5. Gianna Maternity Maxi Empire Tie Waist Dress With V-Neck

      We would put Gianna on our list 20 times if we could! These long maternity dresses create an adorable momma look that few other gowns can match. We absolutely adore the baby doll aesthetic for several reasons. 

      For one, the tie detail cinches your waist and brings out your form, no mater the size or shape of your bump. This feature separates your bust and tummy to emphasize your baby bump. Gianna is one of the most beautiful maternity dresses that any woman can wear, and she's ideal for a maternity photoshoot.

      Not only is the wrap neckline super trendy this year, but it also lifts your bust for a sculpted appearance any day! Bottom line? Gianna is one of the sexy pregnancy dresses that you can wear anywhere without looking out of place. Her versatility makes her one of our best!


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      a woman wearing a leopard print bodycon pregnancy dress

      6. Nala Leopard Print Midi Bodycon Maternity Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

        Womens maternity dresses can be slimming and sexy! The ferocious Nala is the proof. She shapes your silhouette with her bodycon material, just-right length, and low neckline. Together, these features bring out your curves, giving you a toned and sculpted appearance. 

        Oh, and your baby bump isn’t the only thing these sexy pregnancy dresses show off! The scoop neckline also lets you flaunt your shiniest jewelry for extra ice. The midi-length skirt falls right at the knee, which is the most flattering length for balancing your composure (petite and tall women alike!). 

        The powerful design isn’t the only reason Nala makes our list. She's one of the best maternity dresses because of her chic leopard print! Her stylish design draws eyes everywhere you go AND keeps your figure slim (small dots won't expand with your form).


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        a pregnant lady wearing a teal long body conscious dress

        7. Aria Maternity Ruched Evening Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

          Aria is one of our best casual maternity dresses that you can wear all over town. This elegant maternity dress offers the perfect body-conscious style with a form-fitting, supportive design from head to toe.

          Aria's scoop neck shows off your collar and any necklaces you choose to decorate it with. We love how this maternity gown has a subtle sex appeal — the side ruched seams and curve-hugging shape your lovely pregnant body without restrictions.

          Yes, bodycon maternity clothes should never ever be tight! Thankfully, Aria moves and grows with your body with her comfortable fit. She's made of a flexible spandex/rayon bend that's made for the stretch, so you'll never experience any squeeze!


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          a lady wearing a strapless blue floral gown

          8. Cherri Maxi Floral Maternity Sundress With Pockets

            These beautiful womens maternity dresses stun with a fitted waistline and loose skirt! Cherri makes our list because she flatters growing figures with her relaxed style and strapless design. These features make this maternity sundress super trendy, feminine, and all-around cute! 

            This flowy maternity dress has an incredibly soft look and feel that's on point with spring trends. With a loose breezy fit, you'll also feel 100% comfy in this gown. Cherri definitely gives you room to grow. Your tummy can swell to the size of a melon, and this maternity dress will keep you on point and cozy!

            Want to wear Cherri postpartum? You can! These pretty maternity dresses will take on a non-maternity look when you lose the bump. 


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            a woman wearing a high low dress with roses on it

            9. Dahlia High Low Floral Maternity Dress With V-Neck

              Dahlia takes the cake! She's one of the most fashion-forward and beautiful maternity dresses in our collection. Everything from her strategic design to creative print gets our moms looking fine AF. 

              These high low maternity dresses are like a rose garden come to life! The chic pattern is right on point with this spring's trends. We adore the perfect palette of cool and warm tones, too— it makes your accessories almost too easy to match!


              Dahlia is fitted from the bust to the hips to accent all your lovely curves, but relaxed below the hips to give the skirt flow. Her asymmetrical skirt floats like a cloud, and it's super flattering on petite mamas. Say hello to long legs! 


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              a woman wearing a strapless purple gown

              10. Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves

                Understated and simple, this off the shoulder maternity dress is a stylish staple you’ll want to keep in your closet year all year. With her long sleeves and a maxi-length skirt, Delaney is elegant, trendy, and ready for any event. 

                Any occasion? Yup, this flowy maternity dress lets you choose the tone! Thanks to her strapless design AND long sleeves, Delaney is quite versatile. For a formal outfit, add some shiny necklaces and dangling statement earrings. For a casual look, go with a sunhat and beads. 

                The best part? These long maternity dresses are made to last. The rayon and spandex materials are durable, comfy, and help all maternity clothes hold their shape. These fabrics are also breathable and moisture-wicking, so they can keep you cool in the heat! 


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                a woman wearing a fitted tropical pregnancy gown

                11. Eloise Fitted Tropical Maternity Maxi Dress With Side Slit

                  Eloise is super glam with her tropical print and bodycon fit! These womens maternity dresses elongate your frame and keep all eyes on your curves. The colorful design also jus happens to be one of this year’s hottest trends, making Eloise a fashion-forward pick for any mom-to-be. 

                  The side slit on this maternity bodycon dress lengthens your legs, which adds height to your silhouette. The axe cut also brings more comfort to the style by letting you move as gracefully and freely! 


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                  a woman with blond hair wearing a strapless maternity sundress

                  12. Sasha Strapless Maxi Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist

                    Sasha makes a grand statement! One of the most beautiful maternity dresses of the summer, these elegant pregnancy dresses stun with a flowing skirt, empire waist, and sexy strapless neckline. 

                    While other maternity gown dresses shorten your stature, this dress gives you more height with the tiered skirt and high waistline. The long skirt, empire waist, and bare shoulders create a pleasing composure (ever heard of the golden 1/3 +2/3 ratio?). Plus, the roomy fit gives your tummy space to grow!


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                    a pregnant lady in a floral white high low maternity dress

                    13. Poppy Floral High Low Maternity Midi Dress With Sleeves

                      These high low maternity dresses are too cute to pass up! Poppy takes a spin on the classic maternity maxi style (a fantastic choice for all mothers) by sporting a dippy, asymmetrical skirt that flatters all body types. 

                      We adore this design for several reasons. The high-low skirt brings some asymmetry to your look, which is back in style this year. The ruffled hemline adds an adorable touch and takes the whole outfit up a notch.

                      To top it off, the pink and white print creates a fun vibe! Pink is one of our favorite choices for all moms, especially when it comes to baby showers.


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                      a woman wearing a navy floral blue gown

                      14. Taylin Ditsy Floral Maternity Wrap Dress With Tie Waist

                        With floral being this year’s biggest trends, our designers knew they had to create the best flowery print for our mothers. Meet Taylin! This floral maternity dress strikes the perfect balance with teeny tiny white blossoms on a blue navy print. 

                        Floral designs with large blooms can to make pregnant mothers look extra heavy, but Taylin's delicate pattern works well on a growing form. You can wear these casual maternity dresses to the office, the grocery store, or even a fancy brunch! Since Taylin can function as a nursing dress (thank you wrap neckline!), she's perfect for any mom who's always out and about.


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                        a woman wearing a petite floral pregnancy outfit

                        15. Tessa Petite Floral Maternity Dress With V-Neck

                        When shopping for womens maternity dresses, it’s essential to find gowns that can fly AFTER your pregnancy. That's why we highly recommend one of these nursing friendly dresses from our spring floral collection! 

                        Tessa is fresh with feminine style, and she keeps you comfy in every trimester her soft and flexible material. You can style this cute nursing dress up or down for a casual or chic look.

                        Tessa's best feature is her nursing friendly top! Thanks to her surplice wrap neckline, you can easily pull down the bodice to breastfeed on the go. She won't stretch out, either — she's made for the task! 


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