5 Fun Things To Do With Toddlers

5 Fun Things To Do With Toddlers

Doing fun things with your toddler is much more than just having a good time together. It's essential for their development in several ways: Learning through play is a toddler's way of learning and exploring the world. If they engage in fun activities like building blocks, singing songs, or playing pretend, it will allow them to develop important abilities like cognitive, physical, language, and social skills. This blog will give you ideas about fun things that you can do with your toddlers.

Delve into these engaging toddler crafts and educational games to keep your little one entertained during your indoor stay.

Try Making Rainbows

Make rainbows at home with your little one! It's a fun way to play and learn about colors. You can use paper, glue, and cotton balls to create a rainbow together. It's not a difficult thing either, such activities help your toddler develop their skills and have fun while learning.

The rainbow recipe is quite simple and it requires a glass of water, a flashlight or sunlight, and a white paper then fill the glass with water, leaving some space at the top, and place it on a flat surface.

Eventually, place the white sheet of paper behind the glass to catch the light. Lastly, Shine the flashlight or allow sunlight to pass through the glass onto the paper as the water in the glass acts as a prism, splitting the light into its vibrant colors, and you'll witness a rainbow on the paper.

Try Finger Painting

Probably the easiest and most economical, unleash your inner artist with a messy and fun finger-painting session. Use washable paints on large sheets of paper or even on a shower curtain for easy cleanup.

Fun With Playdough

Molding and shaping playdough is a great and satisfying sensory activity because toddlers love dough and it helps them to develop their fine motor skills and creativity. You can make your playdough at home or buy different colors from the store.

Make Crayons

We’re sure you would have tried this one in your childhood. This is a great way to get your toddler involved in a creative and educational activity.

  • Prepare the molds: If using new silicone molds, wash and dry them thoroughly. You can also lightly coat them with cooking spray or oil to prevent sticking.
  • Melt the wax: Carefully melt the beeswax or old crayons in a double boiler over low heat. Adult supervision is crucial during this step.
  • Add color: Once the wax is melted, remove it from heat and stir in your chosen color pigments. Start with a small amount and gradually add more until you achieve the desired shade.
  • Pour into molds: Carefully pour the colored wax into the prepared molds. Fill each mold to the brim and allow the wax to cool completely. This may take several hours.

Sensory Play

Create an enriching sensory play experience for your toddler by assembling a sensory bin with a range of textures and materials. You can add items like rice, beans, pasta, water beads, sand, or shaving cream to provide diverse tactile sensations. The kids will love it. To make it more engaging, try adding food coloring or scents that stimulate their senses. This activity not only entertains your toddler but also fosters sensory exploration and development.

Design a Dress Together

Engage your toddler in the delightful activity of designing a maternity dress. It’s a creative way to involve them in your world and make them feel connected to the new family member on the way. Start by choosing a plain maternity dress as your canvas. Then, let your toddler express their creativity by choosing colors, patterns, or even painting directly on the fabric with safe, washable paints. This activity not only fosters creativity and bonding but also gives you a unique, sentimental piece of maternity wear. Share stories about family and siblings while you work together, making this an educational and emotional bonding activity.

Remember to capture these moments with photos, creating lasting memories of your time spent together. This not only adds to your collection of maternity wear but also serves as a beautiful reminder of the special bond you share with your toddler during this precious time.

Wrapping Up

Activities with toddlers can greatly differ based on the weather, your mood, and your mood. Some days might revolve around snacks, the sofa, and repeat shows, and that's perfectly fine. However, if you are short on ideas, use this blog as an inspiration to spend some fun and quality time with your little toddlers!