Choosing the Right Gender Reveal Dress

Choosing the Right Gender Reveal Dress

While nearly every moment in pregnancy calls for celebration, the modern gender reveal has gained popularity over the years. For many, the gender reveal celebration can be as important as the baby shower, and there is no doubt that pictures are a big part of the event. Of course, you will want to choose the perfect maternity gender reveal dress - one that makes you shine on the big gender reveal day. 

Feminine, Masculine, or Gender Neutral?

While there are many factors that go into choosing the perfect gender reveal dress, most tend to choose a more neutral look in order to keep it a surprise for guests. While there are an endless amount of options available, pregnant women tend to choose dresses with the following qualities:

  • Neutral colors, including orange, green, and yellow
  • Breezy and flowing fabrics, for comfort and easy movement
  • Flattering to the ever-growing bump, ensuring confidence

In other words, while it is important to look good in the endless amount of pictures for family and social media, it is important to still feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed. 

Show Off the Bump!

In the past, many women did everything they could to hide their bumps, often wearing baggy, unflattering dresses. Today, many women take pride in the bump, no matter how big, and they love showing it off. At a gender reveal party especially, choosing the right dress can perfectly accentuate the bump.

For one, it is important to not ditch your regular style - just because you're pregnant doesn’t mean you become somebody else entirely. Choose a dress that shows who you truly are. Also, shopping at maternity stores is a must. While it can be tempting to just buy a dress that is larger than usual, maternity stores specialize in making dresses that are flattering to your new shape. Finally, while a dress is important, it is also important to make sure you include accessories that match and make your dress stand out. The perfect earrings and necklace can tie your whole look together.

Choosing the Right Dress

In the end, there are many choices to consider when choosing the right gender reveal maternity dress, but there are countless online options available, especially for those who may not have the energy to go to the mall and try on countless items.

When it comes to a gender reveal party, remember that your guests will be looking to your outfit for clues, so try not to give it away - instead, make yourself stand out and shine with the perfect dress that suits you!